Wet Granulation Equipment

As we all know, organic waste will become nutrient-rich organic fertilizer after composting. You can use it directly. On the other hand, if you produce organic fertilizer for sale, you may need do more works after getting compost. Because organic fertilizer for sale has higher requirements on nutrient content, purity, quality and packaging. Besides packaging powdery organic fertilizer, you can also produce organic fertilizer powder into pellets with the help of powder granulator machine. Granular organic fertilizer is more convenient for application and transportation. In terms of granulating organic fertilizer, wet granulation technique is the most common working principle of granulator. Wet granulation is good for the form of granular organic fertilizer under the involvement of water or steam. As one of professional organic fertilizer manufacturers, SEEC provide multiple types of wet granulation equipment. And we will introduce them in the following parts.

What is wet granulation?

Wet granulation is one of granulation methods, and the other is dry granulation. Generally speaking, people often adopt wet granulation equipment to make organic fertilizer pellets. Wet granulation means that you need to involve water or steam in the granulation process. During granulating, under the combined action of water and mechanical force, SEEC wet granulation equipment will convert powdery organic fertilizer into pellets. The water content of organic fertilizer for granulating is 25% to 30%. When the water content of composted organic waste is less than 25%, you need add water or steam during granulating. Or you can granulate organic compost directly. In terms of this features, SEEC designs four kinds of granulators for making organic fertilizer pellets. They are disc granulator, new type organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum stirring granulator and rotary drum granulator.

New type organic fertilizer granulator in SEEC
New type organic fertilizer granulator in SEEC

Wet granulation advantages and disadvantages

As mentioned above, wet granulation is widely used in granulating organic fertilizer. Just as every coin has two sides, wet granulation has both advantages and disadvantages. And the advantages of wet granulation includes:

  • Due to the involvement of water or steam, dust pollution can be inhibited in a large part.
  • At the same time, all organic fertilizer can be utilized without much waste.
  • Wet granulation can make the structure of organic fertilizer pellets more compact.

However, the disadvantages of wet granulation is complex process. Because of special nature, organic fertilizer adopts wet granulation. Because the standard water content of organic fertilizer pellets is 10%. You should dry the organic fertilizer pellets after granulating. And the following steps include drying and cooling, screening and packaging. Rotary drum drying machine adopts high heat to dry these pellets. In order to reduce heat in the pellets, you should adopt rotary drum cooling machine, which can make the heat reduce to ambient temperature. Even though wet granulation process is complex, the quality of organic fertilizer pellets you get is high.

Rotary drum churning granulator in SEEC
Rotary drum churning granulator in SEEC

Wet granulation equipment in SEEC for you to choose

As mentioned above, SEEC wet granulation equipment includes pan granulator, new type organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum stirring granulator and rotary drum granulator. All of them have high granulation rate. What’s more, you can apply them to various fermented organic waste, such as agricultural waste, animal manure, industrial waste, kitchen waste, sewage sludge and so on. In the following part, we will introduce them in detail.

Pan type wet granulator

Pan granulator is also called disc granulator, disc pelletizer or pan pelletizer. It is suitable for making both organic fertilizer pellets and compound fertilizer pellets. And it has many advantages, such as easy operation, low cost, high granulation rate and high output. What’s more, there are multiple models for you to choose. And the auxiliary apparatus of pan granulator can be customized.

Pan granulator for vermicompost organic fertilizer production
Pan granulator for vermicompost organic fertilizer production

New type wet granulator

This kind of wet granulation equipment is SEEC’s patent product. It adopts mechanical stirring power and steam to make organic fertilizer powder into pellets. The whole granulating process occurs in the main body of new type organic fertilizer granulator, which guarantee high utilization rate of raw material and inhibit dust pollution.

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Rotary drum wet granulator

You can adopt rotary drum granulator to make spherical organic fertilizer. Unlike new type organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum granulator adopts centrifugal force to make organic fertilizer pellets. In addition, it is suitable for both organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer.

Rotary drum stirring granulator

Rotary drum stirring granulator adopts both mechanical stirring power and centrifugal force, which has much higher granulation rate. As patent product, the main body of equipment can finish mixing, granulating and polishing. Therefore, you can get organic fertilizer pellets with nice appearance and uinform size.

Wet granulation equipment---Rotary drum granulator
Wet granulation equipment—Rotary drum granulator

How to choose professional wet granulator manufacturer in China?

With the development of organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer equipment industry also becomes one of hot industries. As key equipment in organic fertilizer production line, wet granulator also determines the quality of final products. When you choose wet granulator manufacturer, you should consider three factors. Firstly, you should consider company strength. SEEC was founded in 1987. And we have a high-quality and professional technical team, which consists of experts, professors, senior engineer and other technical personnel. Therefore we manufacture multiple patent organic fertilizer machines. Secondly, you may need to consider the quality, function and cost of wet granulator. As manufacturer of wet granulation equipment, we dedicate to produce high-quality equipment with favorable price.Finally, you should consider the client base of the manufacturer. We SEEC sell our equipment at home and abroad, such as India, Peru, Republic of Korea and other foreign countries.

What’s the price of SEEC wet granulation equipment?

As manufacturer of wet granulation equipment, SEEC has its own factory. That is to say, it can provide factory price and direct quality assurance for its customers. In addition, you must know that price of equipment depends on the model and function. Higher output, the increase of functions and complex production process will raise the cost on equipment. As professional supplier, we can make the most suitable plan for you, according to you budget and actual requirements.

Mini wet granulator
Mini wet granulator

Double Roller Granulator
Double Roller Granulator

Disc granulator for cow dung fertilizer production
Disc granulator for cow dung fertilizer production

Customized mini wet granulator machine for laboratory

In order to meet different requirement of different customers, we not only have multiple equipment models but can customize special equipment for you. Besides the wet granulation equipment for commercial or industrial production of organic fertilizer pellets, we also provide mini granulator for laboratory. This kind of mini wet granulator machine belongs to small scale pan granulator. In addition to laboratory, it can also be used for small scale organic fertilizer pellets production.

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