Composting Pig Manure

As a kind of common livestock, pig not only provides pork for people in daily life, but also produce manure with high nutrients content. For owners of pig farm, it is not easy for them to deal with plenty of daily pig manure. Therefore, good methods shall be found to deal with a lot of pig manure. In view of amounts of nutrients in pig manure, you can make it into organic fertilizer by pig manure aerobic composting. After composting pig manure, you can get high-quality organic fertilizer which can be used for various plants, gardens and so on.

Why should you dispose pig manure by composting?

We cannot directly use fresh pig manure. Even though there are a lot of nutrients in pig manure, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic acid, the secondary fermentation and living escherichia coli after direct application may do harm to plants. By composting pig manure, harmful bacteria and eggs will be killed through high temperature produced by fermentation. What’s more, composted pig manure contains plenty of humus and wax, which can improve soil’s capacity of water and nutrient preserving. Moreover, the fertilizer effect of pig manure is high and lasting, and it is available for various soil and plants. Therefore, composting will make pig manure be fully used.

Fermentation Tank for Pig Manure Composting at Large Scale
Fermentation Tank for Pig Manure Composting at Large Scale

Detailed process of composting pig manure for you

The composting condition directly affects the quality of final products, so you should pay more attention to pig manure composting process. At the same time, according to our experience, we recommend the aerobic compost, and the steps are as below:

Water content adjustment

After collecting pig manure, you should adjust water content so as to make preparation for following steps. There are two methods for you to adjust water content. On the one hand, you can dehydrate pig manure by solid-liquid separator machine, which can directly treat pig manure to achieve standard water content. On the other hand, you can add proper amount of straw, mushroom residue, sawdust and other auxiliary materials to adjust water content to 65% . Because too much water will reduce aeration and inhibit temperature increase and produce odor. Under this condition, the fermentation period will be affected, even become anaerobic compost. In order to direct judge whether the water content achieve standard, you can grab a handful of raw material. And when there is no dropping water and raw material will scatter after falling to the ground.

Solid-liquid separator machine for composting pig manure
Solid-liquid separator machine for composting pig manure

Ratio of raw materials for compost

After adjusting water content, you can add starter cultures at proper proportion to pig manure. In this step, you need to mix starter cultures with rice bran, bran or corn flour at ratio of 1:5. In addition, you need mix starter cultures and pig manure evenly.

Making compost pile

In this process, you can piled up mixed pig manure on the ground or in a groove. There are two points needing your attention. Firstly, we suggest that you make compost pile inside a building. Because weather conditions will largely influence composting period, if you compost pig manure in open air. Secondly, the ground for composting shall be concrete which can effectively inhibit the pig manure from polluting soil. In addition, the height and width shall be proper, which can be decided according to the specification of compost turner.

Regular turning

In fermentation process, microorganisms will decompose organic materials and produce heat at the same time. The higher temperature can be controlled at 65℃. During this process, you should regular turn the compost pile to adjust oxygen content and temperature.

Groove type compost turner for composting pig manure
Groove type compost turner for composting pig manure

Finishing fermentation

When the pig manure finishes fermentation, the odor disappears and the temperature of compost pile maintains steady, which may be slightly higher than ambient temperature. At the same time, pig manure will become particles with loosen texture. What’s more, the fermented pig manure is black or black brown. The fermented pig manure has become organic fertilizer, you can directly use it as base fertilizer or top application. Moreover, if you make pig manure compost for commercial and industrial purpose or longer storage, you can adopt deep processing, like granulation and package.

What should you do for deep processing after composting pig manure?

Composting is a good way to conduct pig waste management. After composting, you can also convert organic fertilizer into fertilizer pellets. In this process, you can add some functional bacteria to make bio organic fertilizer with specific fertilizer effect.


You can granulate powdery pig manure fertilizer by organic fertilizer granulating machine. Because granular organic fertilizer is more convenient for transport, storage and application. In addition, you can adopt pan granulator, new type organic fertilizer granulator and rotary drum churning granulator. Meanwhile, all these machines are featured with high granulating rate and organic fertilizer pellets made by them are beautiful in appearance.

Rotary drum churning granulator for pig manure organic fertilizer granulation
Rotary drum churning granulator for pig manure organic fertilizer granulation

Drying and cooling

After granulation, there are still higher moisture in organic fertilizer pellets. Therefore, you can reduce their moisture by rotary drum drying machine and rotary drum cooling machine. After drying and cooling, the water content of organic pellets is lower, and it is favorable for longer storage.

Rotary drum drying machine for making pig manure organic fertilizer
Rotary drum drying machine for making pig manure organic fertilizer


You can package organic fertilizer pellets by automatic packing scale. Because bagged organic fertilizer is more easy for transport and storage.

High-efficiency compost turner for composting pig manure

As mentioned above, you can pile up pig manure on the ground or in a groove. Hence, in terms of the two compost methods, we recommend two compost turner with high efficiency, wheel type compost turner and crawler type compost turner.

Crawler type compost turner

This equipment can not only turn the compost pile to adjust water content, temperature and air content during composting pig manure, but also has crushing function, which can deal with caking of organic fertilizer so as to accelerate fermentation period.

Self-propelled compost turner for composting pig manure
Self-propelled compost turner for composting pig manure

Wheel type compost turner

This equipment consists of transmission device, running gear, turning device and other main components. During turning, SEEC wheel type compost turner can blend the raw material and treated pig manure will be moved 0.7 meter to 1 meter away. By this method, you can realize high-efficiency turning and uniform blend. After turning, the pig manure can fully contact with air, so that the compost pile can achieve better fermentation.

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