Poultry Manure Composting Process

As one source of organic fertilizer, poultry manure contains multiple nutrient elements. But most of these elements is not directly available for plants. Therefore, in order to make organic matter in poultry manure into absorbable nutrients, composting is necessary. During poultry manure composting process, microorganisms will digest or decompose organic matters, which will become available humic substances. What’s more, the application of composting equipment will accelerate poultry manure composting process. And the professional instruction of poultry manure composting process will be described below.

What should you do during poultry manure composting process?

The poultry manure composting process directly decides the quality of fermented poultry manure, that is poultry manure fertilizer. Therefore, you may need pay more attention to every step. As for how to make successful compost, you may find professional instruction below.

  • Collect poultry manure: Firstly, you should collect poultry manure, and put them together. And then adjust water content to 50%-60% by adding some auxiliary materials, such as sawdust, straw and so on.
  • Make a compost pile: After collecting poultry manure, you can put them in long rows or place them in the fermentation groove. Because the concentration of organic waste is good for warming and bio-degradation.
  • Mix raw materials and turn them regularly: If you add some auxiliary materials, you should blend them evenly. When the temperature of compost pile rises to 60℃ to 70℃, you should stir poultry manure with composting equipment, so as to keep proper temperature, oxygen content and water content for continuous fermentation.
SEEC self-propelled compost turner for poultry manure composting
SEEC self-propelled compost turner for poultry manure composting

Special additions for composting poultry manure –biochar and sawdust

Besides poultry manure, you can also add some auxiliary materials during poultry manure composting process. Because the involvement of these materials can improve composting conditions and quality of compost. And there are two special additions, biochar and sawdust. Both of them can accelerate composting period. Here, you can choose rice hull biochar, which can be served as a bulking agent for compost. The function of sawdust is to adjust C/N ratio and water content of organic waste. Just like sawdust, straw and wheat straw has the same function. And the following part is reference information for choosing additive.

Advantages of biochar in compost

  • Increase the O2 availability: The biochar has high porosity, which can greatly contribute to the O2 availability.
  • Improve composting rate: The increase of O2 availability is beneficial to decomposition of organic matter. Consequently, the addition of biochar can shorten composting period.
  • Reduce overall N loss during composting and eliminate most organic toxic compound.

Advantages of sawdust in compost

  • Adjust water content of poultry manure: Because the suitable water content for composting is 50% to 60%. In terms of fresh poultry manure, you should add some sawdust, which can balance water content and create favorable environment for microorganism activity.
  • Adjust C/N ratio and provide carbon source for microorganism activityin poultry manure composting process.
Poultry manure compost turners for fermentation groove
Poultry manure compost turners for fermentation groove

Which kinds of poultry manure processing machines from SEEC can be adopted?

As mentioned above, regular turning is necessary during poultry manure composting. Compared with manual turning and stirring, composting with poultry composting machines is more efficient. The choice of poultry manure processing machines depends on the composting methods. And there are three composting methods for you to choose. Meanwhile, the following part will list the corresponding composting equipment.

Two poultry manure composting machines for windrow composting

Windrow composting means that you should place poultry manure in long rows. And the height, width and length of each windrow depends on the space and composting equipment you choose. SEEC has two types compost turner for windrow composting, crawler type poultry manure compost turner and self-propelled poultry manure compost turner.

Crawler type poultry manure compost turner adopts rubber track chassis, which can provides stable support for the whole machine during operation. The main part of this kind of compost turner is the rotor with shafts, which can stir poultry manure evenly and eliminate potential caking. And the front push plates adopt hydraulic drive, which can arrange the compost pile automatically.

Self-propelled poultry manure compost turner adopts four wheels, which can finish moving forward, backward and turning around by one person. Just like crawler type compost turner, it also has stirring apparatus, which can stir and arrange the compost pile.

Crawler type poultry manure composting equipment
Crawler type poultry manure composting equipment

Three poultry manure compost turners for fermentation groove

All of the three machines are used for turning poultry manure in the fermentation groove. The fermentation groove here consists of two or three walls, which can realize heat preservation during poultry manure composting process. And the three compost turners are:

  • Groove type compost turner: It can automatically finish turning compost pile by control cabinet. And the stirring apparatus adopt hydraulic drive, which can improve turning efficiency and save energy. There is also double-groove type compost turner for larger scale composting.
  • Wheel type poultry manure compost turner: During poultry manure composting process, the stirring wheel will turn the poultry manure evenly and thoroughly. It can shorten composting period by adjusting temperature, water content and oxygen content in the compost pile.
  • Chain plate type poultry manure compost turner: It is suitable for deep-groove operation. By realizing full contact between poultry manure and air, it can keep the compost pile in proper temperature and increase oxygen content, so as to make full fermentation and high-quality poultry manure fertilizer.

Composting poultry manure in Aerobic compost bin

Compared with windrow composting and groove type composting, compost bin can provide a closed and favorable environment for poultry manure composting process. Aerobic compost bin belongs to automatic composting equipment, which consists of feeding device, stirring apparatus, air supply system, biological deodorizing system, PLC control system and other apparatus. After put poultry manure into compost bin, it can regularly stir the poultry manure, according to settings on the control cabinet. And the poultry manure composting process will naturally occur in this equipment. In addition, it can shorten fermentation period to 7-10 days, which can greatly improve production efficiency. When the composting finishes, the compost pile will output fermented poultry manure from discharge port.

Animal waste composting equipment
Animal waste composting equipment

What are poultry waste disposal systems?

The first stage of disposal systems is poultry manure composting process. For short-distance application or personal use, composting is enough for poultry manure management. However, if you want to make poultry manure fertilizer for commercial purpose, you may need to do the following works. The poultry waste disposal systems include powdery and granulated poultry manure fertilizer production.

Powdery manure fertilizer production

The powdery poultry manure production is easy and need fewer machines. The process includes crushing, screening and packaging. And it needs forklift feeding machine, vertical crusher, rotary screen machine and fertilizer bagging machine. Forklift feeding machine is used for temporarily storing fermented poultry manure. Vertical crusher can eliminate potential caking and make fine fertilizer powder. At the same time, rotary screen machine is used for selecting out impurities. Finally, you can adopt fertilizer bagging machine to make bagged poultry manure fertilizer.

Composting Animal Waste
Composting Animal Waste

Granulated poultry manure fertilizer production

Granulated poultry manure fertilizer production includes crushing, screening, granulating, drying, cooling and packaging processes. Poultry manure pellets have higher requirements on powder for granulating. Therefore, you need crushing and screening machines to make fine poultry manure fertilizer. During granulating process, belt conveyor sends powdery fertilizer to granulator. Then you can make poultry manure pellets with uniform size and beautiful appearance by SEEC granulator. Because poultry manure fertilizer granulator adopts wet granulation, such as pan granulator and rotary drum stirring granulator. Therefore, drying and cooling machines are necessary to take away extra moisture by heating and then keep pellets in ambient temperature. Then rotary screen machine is adopted again, which is mainly used for select out unqualified pellets for secondary granulation, so as to guarantee the quality of final poultry manure pellets fertilizer. Finally, the automatic fertilizer packaging machine will finish feeding, filling, sealing and packaging of poultry manure fertilizer pellets.

How to compost poultry manure at home?

Unlike composting poultry manure for commercial purpose, composting at home needs less space and has less raw materials. What’s more, it is convenient for making and application. And the narrower home composting means compost poultry manure in individual family. And the general home composting means composting in community, farm and other places, which is not for commercial purpose. For the narrow one, small container is enough. But for the latter, an automatic compost bin may be necessary. You just need to collect poultry manure and then put it into compost bin. Without any other works, you can get valuable organic fertilizer after 7 to 10 days. It is the best method, which is time-saving, space-saving and labor-saving. Meanwhile, it is also suitable for other organic waste, such as food waste, pig manure, horse manure, chicken manure and so on.

Granulated poultry manure fertilizer production line with stiring teeth granulator machine
Granulated poultry manure fertilizer production line with stiring teeth granulator machine

Advantages and application of poultry manure compost

In order to guarantee the quality and fertilizer effect of poultry manure, people often compost poultry manure. For advantages of poultry manure compost, we will describe them in the following part.

Advantages of poultry manure compost

  • Poultry manure compost has much humic substance, which can fertilize soil and supply nutrients to plants.
  • During poultry manure composting process, the high temperature will kill pathogen, weed seeds and eggs in fresh poultry manure. So Poultry manure compost is more safe and stable.

Application of poultry manure compost

As mentioned above, poultry manure compost contains many nutrient elements, which can be absorbed by soil and plants. Hence, it is good organic fertilizer. In view of its nutrient content, you can apply it to your vegetable gardens, farmland and gardens. On the other hand, its commercial value decides its function on city greening, organic vegetables planting and so on. In addition, you can also add other chemical fertilizer to improve its function, which is organic-inorganic compound fertilizer.


1. What machines do we need for poultry manure management?

Besides equipment mentioned in poultry waste disposal system, we also recommend manure dewatering machine, batching machine, mixing machine and belt conveyor.

Manure dewatering machine: It is also called solid liquid separator machine, which can remove extra water from poultry manure. And its output is 1.5-3m³/h. And all parts that contact with organic waste adopt SUS304.

Batching machine: In terms of commercial organic fertilizer, it has higher requirements on content of nutrient elements. Therefore, you can adopt SEEC batching machine to control proportion.

Mixing machine: When the raw material is more than two types. You should adopt mixing machine, so as to guarantee even fertilizer effect.

Belt conveyor: It is the connection of all machines, which can guarantee the production goes smoothly.

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