Fully Automatic Composting Machine

Fully automatic composting machine can convert organic waste into organic fertilizer in short time. After composting, the odor of organic waste will disappear and the volume will decrease. Due to special design and apparatus, SEEC fully automatic composting machine can finish composting in 7 to 10 days. What’ more, this equipment can complete sterilization and deodorization in 10 hours. The volume of automatic composter ranges from 5m3 to 150 m3. Besides multiple volumes and short composting period, it is space-saving and simple to operate. And we will make a description of structure and working process in the following parts.

Fermentation tank for sale
Fermentation tank for sale

SEEC  fully automatic composting machine for you to deal with organic waste

Do you want to deal with troublesome organic waste, and turn them into useful organic fertilizer? SEEC automatic composting machine will deal with it for you. After composting, organic waste will become fine and loose organic fertilizer—soil like substance. Organic fertilizer contains many nutrient elements, which is good for soil and plants. Then, let us know more about this kind of equipment.

Structure of fully automatic composting machine

  • Main body: The inner part of the body adopts 304 stainless steel, which is effective in inhibiting adhesion and corrosion.
  • Waste lifting elevator: It can send raw materials to inner part of composting machine.
  • Air supply system: It can send air to the organic waste, so as to continuously provide enough oxygen for microorganism activity.
  • Stirring apparatus: It can stir the organic waste regularly and evenly, which can guarantee full fermentation and accelerate fermentation speed.
  • Hydraulic power system: It is featured with high transmission power. And it has overload protection, which can prolong the service life of whole equipment.
  • Automatic discharging system: It can send composted organic waste out of equipment under the control of PLC.
  • Deodorization: It can deal with the waste gas and dust produced during composting, which can reduce pollution to zero.
  • Automatic control system (PLC): You can control and test the fermentation process by it.

How does the fully automatic composting machine work?

Before sending raw materials to composting equipment, you should mix raw materials and adjust water content to 50% to 60%. Then, you can send organic waste to waste lifting elevator by forklift. And you just need to click the button on the control cabinet , waste lifting elevator will send waste to equipment. Next, the stirring shaft will turn the organic waste, and air supply system will send air by holes on the shaft. Under the role of microorganisms, temperature will rise to 50-60℃, which can lasts for 7 days, and the pathogens, weed seeds and eggs will be killed. Therefore, organic waste will go through process of harmlessness and reduction. The composting period needs at least 7 days. You can observe the temperature variation by temperature sensor. When the temperature never change, it means the composting finishes. You can get organic fertilizer from automatic discharging system.

Fully automatic composting machine VS compost turner

Whether fully automatic composting machine or compost turner, they are useful equipment for composting organic waste. The former belongs to a closed fermentation equipment. It can automatically deal with waste air, shorten composting period and save space. Meanwhile, its cost is higher than compost turner.

Compost turner is used for turning organic waste. Whether windrow composting or composing in grooves, you need larger space to place organic waste. Windrow compost turner needs one person to operate. And compost turner for fermentation groove needs one person to manage control cabinet, so as to control the operation of compost turner. But the odor produced by compost pile will be released in the air. In addition, it will cost you 20-30 days to finish composting with compost turner.

In a word, they can help you to make high-quality organic fertilizer, and you can choose one according to your budget and requirements.

Aerobic fermentation pot for chicken poop compost
Aerobic fermentation pot for chicken poop compost

Compost turner for fermentation grooves
Compost turner for fermentation grooves

What kinds of waste can SEEC automatic compost machine be adopted?

SEEC automatic compost machine is available for various organic waste. And the specific raw materials include:

  • Agricultural waste: Straw, rice hull, corn straw and so on
  • Animal waste: manure from poultry and livestock, bat guano
  • Other waste:  sawdust, soybean meal and so on.

In order to make nutrient-rich organic fertilizer, the content of animal manure should be over 60%. And the other materials can be used as auxiliary materials. In addition, you should pay attention to the size of organic waste. That is to say, you should make organic waste into small pieces, so as to accelerate composting period.

Besides composting, further process of organic waste to organic fertilizer

After composting, organic waste becomes organic fertilizer —humic substance, and you can apply it to soil or plants directly. If you want to produce commercial organic fertilizer, you may need to do the following works.

  • Granular fertilizer production line: Crushing(vertical crusher)→screening(rotary screen machine)→(mixing)(disc mixer)→granulating(SEEC granulator equipment)→drying and cooling(rotary drying and cooling machine, hot blast furnace, dust collector)→screening→packaging(fertilizer pellets bagging machine )
  • Powdery fertilizer production line:Crushing(Semi-wet material crusher)→screening(vibrating screen machine)→(mixing)(horizontal mixer)→packaging(fertilizer powder packaging machine)

The crushing machine and screening machine are used for making fine and pure organic fertilizer powder. If you want to add other nutrient elements, you need to use disc mixer to blend them evenly. Granulating machine is used for making fertilizer pellets, which are convenient for transportation and application. Finally, you can adopt packaging machine to make bagged fertilizer.

Aerobic fermentation pot for agricultural waste composting
Aerobic fermentation pot for agricultural waste composting

How much will fully automatic composting machine cost?

There are many factors involve in cost of fully automatic composting machine. And the objective factors include volume of equipment, functions of equipment and freight charges. Besides high-quality automatic compost machine, we can also provide you instruction on the equipment model selection, installation and operation. In addition, as a professional organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer, we can provide you factory price or some discounts. On the other hand, fully automatic composting machine is space-saving and high working efficiency. It also can save your production cost. If you want to know detailed price, you can send e-mail to me.

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