Chicken Waste Processing

SEEC solutions on chicken waste processing is to make organic fertilizer from chicken manure. As the byproduct of chicken breeding, the disposal of chicken waste is a difficult problem. On the one hand, if you freely pile chicken manure up the ground, it may pollute surrounding air. However, if you directly apply fresh manure to soil, it will do harm to root system of plants. On the other hand, chicken manure is rich in potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus and balanced nutrients. Therefore, converting chicken waste into organic fertilizer will be good choice. But how to make organic fertilizer from chicken manure? SEEC recommend three methods, making chicken manure compost, producing powdery chicken manure fertilizer and commercial chicken manure fertilizer pellets.

Chicken waste organic fertilizer production line
Chicken waste organic fertilizer production line

Making chicken waste compost—an easy way to manage chicken manure

Composting is the easiest way to convert chicken manure into nutrient-rich materials—compost. Then you can use chicken waste compost as base fertilizer. In order to make quality chicken poop compost, you should do the following works and use the following machines:

  • Preparing chicken manure and auxiliary materials: Collecting chicken manure is the first step. The auxiliary materials refer to straw, rice hull, sawdust, bedding, pine shaving and other C-rich materials. The addition of them is to adjust C/N ratio and moisture. These auxiliary material should be small in size. And you can adopt SEEC straw crusher to achieve ideal size.
  • Making compost heaps to stack chicken manure: You can pile chicken manure and auxiliary materials together in long rows or in fermentation grooves. You can choose suitable composting methods according to site space and volume of chicken waste.
  • Turning the chicken manure regularly: Before composting, you can adopt composting equipment to mix materials evenly. When the temperature of compost pile achieve 65 or 70℃, you can turn materials 2-3 times/day. After one week, you can reduce turning frequency to one time for 2-3 days. When the temperature and volume of compost pile no longer decrease and the odor disappear, you will get chicken manure compost. With the help of SEEC compost turner, you can finish chicken waste composting in 20-30 days.
  • Leave it for stabilization for several days: In order to guarantee the stability of chicken poop compost, several days’ stabilization is necessary. And then, you can use compost on your garden, farm and other places.


  1. Selection of chicken manure compost making machine: Groove type compost turner is used for composting in fermentation grooves; windrow compost turner (self-propelled compost turner and crawler type compost turner) is suitable for composting in long rows. All of them just need one person to operate. The former one uses electric and the latter uses diesel oil.

Crawler type compost turner for chicken waste processing
Crawler type compost turner for chicken waste processing

Compost Turner for Chicken Waste Processing

  • Model: SXCM-2600
  • Compost width: 1.1-1.3 m
  • Compost Height: 0.8-1 m
  • Moving Speed: 6-10 m/min (adjustable)
  • Capacity: 1000-1200 cubic meters/h
  • Color: Green (can be customized)
  • Application: Turning organic waste during composting

Chicken Manure Windrow Composting Process

How to make organic fertilizer by chicken waste processing equipment?

According some investigations, there are 70% water content, 25.55% organic matter, 1.63% nitrogen, 1.54% phosphorus and 0.85% calcium in chicken manure. In order to fully utilize these nutrients, you can chicken poo fertiliser with SEEC chicken waste disposal equipment as well as composting. There are two types final products for you to choose, powdery and granular chicken manure organic fertilizer.

Powdery chicken waste organic fertilizer processing

As one of production methods, powdery organic fertilizer processing is easier and needs less equipment. And the detailed steps to make powdery organic fertilizer are as follows:

  • Crushing: Now that you want to manufacture powdery organic fertilizer from chicken manure, you need to crush potential caking. And the crusher will help you to crush potential caking and produce evenly powdery fertilizer.
  • Screening: It is the final disposal before packaging. In order to get high-quality powdery organic fertilizer, you need a screening machine which will leave qualified organic fertilizer powder and select products with unqualified sizes. And these unqualified products will be sent back to crusher for secondary crush.
  • Packaging: In order to storage chicken manure organic fertilizer better and transport it more easily, you can package it at needed specification.

Single bucket automatic packing scale for chicken waste processing
Single bucket automatic packing scale for chicken waste processing

Single Bucket Fertilizer Packing machine

  • Model: SXC-50
  • Weighing range: 25-50 kg
  • Packing accuracy: 2‰
  • Packaging speed: 300-400 bags/h
  • Working power supply: AC 200V 50Hz
  • Features: It is equipment with the function of feeding, weighing, filling and sealing.

Granular chicken waste organic fertilizer processing

Granular organic fertilizer is another production form. It needs more steps and equipment to finish production. The production procedures include crushing, screening, mixing, granulating, drying and cooling, coating and packaging process. The first two steps of powdery organic fertilizer and granular organic fertilizer are same.

  • Crushing process: The purpose of this step is to deal with potential caking and make evenly powder, which makes preparation for granulation.
  • Screening process: SEEC rotary screen machine can guarantee uniformity and purity of chicken manure compost. In addition, this process also appears after fertilizer pellets cooling. The screen machine can select out unqualified fertilizer pellets from qualified fertilizer pellets. In this way, the quality of final product will be guaranteed.
  • Mixing process: This step is used for mixing chicken poop compost and other added materials evenly, so as to create uniform fertilizer efficiency. The ratio of different materials can be controlled by SEEC batching machine.
  • Granulating process: This is the most important step in whole process, which is related to quality of finished products. And SEEC can provide various granulation equipment for you.
Rotary drum churning granulator for chicken waste processing
Rotary drum churning granulator for chicken waste processing

Chicken Manure Granualting Process

  • Drying and cooling process: The purpose of this operation is to remove unnecessary moisture in granular organic fertilizer.
  • Coating process: In this step, you can add some other required material to coat granulated chicken manure. If other materials is not needed, you also can make pellets more beautiful and anti-adhesion by this step.
Rotary coating machine for chicken waste processing
Rotary coating machine for chicken waste processing

  • Packaging process: Package with fertilizer packing machine will bring convenience to you to store or transport these finished organic fertilizer. What’s more, you can equip with different models according to your own requirements.

What kind of chicken waste processing machine can SEEC provide you?

As professional organic fertilizer production equipment manufacturer, we provide multiple machines with different functions for all our customers. Besides single machine, we also offer the whole production line. And the following machines are part of our machines for chicken waste processing.

Chicken waste grinding machine

You can apply this kind of crusher both in composting process and deep processing procedure. For organic waste with water content less than 50%, you can adopt semi-wet material crusher to crush it, which can make them become smaller for fully fermentation. One the other hand, the fermented chicken manure may exist some caking, which cannot be directly used for compost fertilizer production or granulation. Therefore, you can apply semi-wet material crusher to crush caking and make qualified crushing granularity. Besides semi-wet material crusher, we also have new type vertical crusher and hammer crusher for organic fertilizer production. They are similar in function, but different in construction and working principle.

Semi-wet material crusher for chicken waste processing
Semi-wet material crusher for chicken waste processing

Fertilizer Crushing Equipment

  • Model: SXCSF-60
  • Capacity: 1.5 – 3 t/h
  • Size of final products (mesh): 50
  • Power: 30 kw
  • Application: Various organic fertilizer with high water content

High output SEEC Mixer in chicken manure fertilizer production

In order to make all raw materials become uniform, you can apply SEEC mixer to evenly blending them. And there are two types mixer for organic fertilizer, including horizontal mixer and disc mixer. For disc mixer, it owns many features, such as high mixing efficiency, less occupied area, low noise and compact structure. What’s more, its spiral blades adopts high-wear special alloy, which have longer service life.

Advanced chicken manure fertilizer granulator

As an important step in organic fertilizer production, fertilizer pellet making machine shall have stronger function and capability. As one of our patent machines, new type organic fertilizer granulator can make high-quality pellets for you. This equipment also called wet type stirring granulator, which makes use of high speed rotary mechanical agitation force and the resulting aerodynamic force to make pellets. Powdery raw materials continuously achieve the process of mixing, granulating, balling and densification. The pellets made by this equipment are beautiful in appearance. In addition, we also provide rotary drum churning granulator and disc granulator for organic fertilizer production.

Disc granulator for chicken dung fertilizer production
Disc granulator for chicken dung fertilizer production

Eco-friendly rotary drum drying and cooling machines

After granulation, there is still much moisture in organic fertilizer pellets. In order to provide convenience for later storage and transportation, you can adopted drying machine and cooling machine for drying and removal of moisture. What’s more, there are some matched machines, including natural gas burner, hot blast furnace, cyclone dust collector and water wind dust collector. They are used for providing hot wind and collecting dust caused by draught fan in the drying and cooling process.

Rotary drum drying machine for chicken waste processing
Rotary drum drying machine for chicken waste processing

Fertilizer Drying Machine

  • Model: SXCHG-0808
  • Power: 5.5 kw
  • Capacity: 1-2 t/h
  • Rotating speed: 6 r/min
  • Installation angle: 3-5 degrees

SEEC Rotary screen machine

The function of screening machine is to exclude powdery material or pellets with unqualified sizes. After this step, you can obtain materials with uniform size and quality. You can adopt rotary screen machine in this step, which is widely used for screening solid materials with particle size less than 300 mm. And its screening capacity is 1 t/h to 20 t/h.

Multi-functional packing scale in SEEC

SEEC automatic packing scale includes single bucket and double bucket. If you want to produce productions with two different specifications at the same time, you can adopt double bucket automatic packing scale. This equipment can greatly improve working efficiency. What’s more, both of them can be set with packaging parameters according to your own requirements.

Fertilizer Packing Line for for Finished Chicken Manure Fertilizer Packing

What kind of price and service can SEEC provide for chicken waste processing?

Reasonable price

To be honest, the purchase of whole production line is indeed a huge investment. According to your actual requirements, you can adopt suitable equipment to build your own production line. If you have high requirements on finished organic fertilizer, you can add some auxiliary equipment, such as organic fertilizer polishing machine for granulated organic fertilizer. If you want to lower investment, you can reduce some dispensable auxiliary equipment, such as fertilizer stock bin in powdery organic fertilizer production line and so on. In addition, as direct manufacturer of organic fertilizer production equipment, we also provide you the lowest price.

Professional service

Besides reasonable price, we also provide you professional services. Moreover, if you do not know how to choose equipment for chicken waste processing according to manure quantity you have, we can design the most suitable plan for you. What’s more, if you do not know how to operate machines purchased, we can designate technical personnel to give you free training. Whether you purchase our products or not, once you have questions related to organic fertilizer production equipment, you can inquire us.

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