Organic Waste Composting Machine

What is organic waste? Most organic waste is the product of human activity. On the one hand, too much organic waste will cause great burden on environment. On the other hand, organic waste is biodegradable residue, which still has value after proper treatment. Therefore, we can recycle organic waste by anaerobic digestion or composting. By the two methods, organic waste will become fertilizer or useful materials, so as to decrease unnecessary pollution and waste. In terms of organic waste, it can be divided into agricultural waste, industrial waste and municipal waste. Among these wastes, straw, manure from chicken, pig, chicken, horse, cow, food waste, sewage sludge is most common. In order to take full advantage of the organic waste and create more value, people often adopt organic waste composting machine to deal with it. Detailed information about dealing with organic waste will be introduced in the following parts.

Self-propelled compost turner for farm waste disposal
Self-propelled compost turner for farm waste disposal

How to dispose of organic waste

Organic waste is biodegradable, which can be decomposed or digested by bacteria and microorganisms. Compared with landfill, organic waste recycling technology and management is more suitable for organic waste. Generally speaking, there are two methods to deal with organic waste and realize recycling, anaerobic digestion and composting. The difference between anaerobic digestion and composting is whether oxygen involves. During anaerobic digestion, anaerobic bacteria will decompose organic matters and produce plenty of carbon dioxide. However, aerobic bacteria will consume oxygen and water to digest organic matters and release heat during composting. And the heat will kill eggs, harmful bacterial and seeds. Therefore, people often adopt composting to dispose organic waste, which is more environment friendly than anaerobic bacteria. How to make organic fertilizer from organic waste by composting? You will find answers below.

What do you need to do for making organic compost?

In essence, composting is a process where microorganisms convert organic waste into high nutrient fertilizers. And the finished product is called manure or fertilizer. In order to make high grade organic fertilizer from organic waste, you may need to finish the following two tasks in the process of composting organic waste.

Organic compost preparation

Groove type compost turner for farm waste disposal
Groove type compost turner for farm waste disposal

About how to prepare organic waste, we have the following instructions.You should prepare organic waste with 55%-65% water content. Both too wet and two dry materials will cause adverse effect on composting. In addition, you can add some green matters and brown matters to adjust C/N ratio to 30:1, such as grass clippings and dried leaves. Because suitable C/N ratio will provide favorable conditions for microorganisms to produce nutrient, rich humus or compost. If it is needed, you can also add some fermentation bacteria, so as to increase number of bacteria and accelerate fermentation period. After preparing organic waste, you can stack it in fermentation grooves or pile it up on the ground by taking the form of windrow.

Turning the organic waste compost pile

As mentioned above, when microorganisms decompose organic matters, they need to consume oxygen, water and release. So, these three factors need your special attention. After composting for 24 or 48 hours, the temperature of compost pile will rise. Too high temperature will inhibit microorganism activity. Too much water will inhibit air flow. In order to maintain favorable composting conditions, you need to turn the compost pile regularly. When the temperature is above 70℃, you should stir the organic waste. For one thing, stirring will decrease temperature and bring away extra water. For the other thing, organic waste in the center of compost heap will be decomposed more quickly than surface. So you can realize uniform composting by turning. In order to make the fermentation more complete and produce higher-quality fertilizer, you can adopt organic waste composting equipment.

Solid-liquid separator machine of SEEC
Solid-liquid separator machine of SEEC

What kinds of organic waste composting machine can be adopted?

During organic waste composting, you need to regularly turn the compost pile, so as to maintain good fermentation conditions. In addition, a lot of heat will produce in the early stage of the fermentation. Therefore, it is not easy for people to manually blend large compost pile. So, you can adopt organic waste composting machine to accelerate composting period and guarantee the quality of organic fertilizer. There are two categories equipment for you to choose, and details are as follow.

Organic compost making machine

In order to convert organic waste into useful organic fertilizer, most people adopt composting. You can pile up organic waste on the ground by taking form of windrow. Or you can stack it in the fermentation groove, which can preserve heat. For windrow type composting, it may occupy large space, but it has strong air flow. Here, you can adopt windrow type composting equipment, such as crawler type compost turner and self propelled compost turner. Both of them can stir organic waste evenly with higher efficiency and easy operation. For turning organic waste in fermentation groove, you can adopt groove type compost turner, wheel type compost turner and chain plate type compost turner. All of them moves on the groove when they turn the organic waste. In addition, they have multiple models, which is available for turning organic waste of various scales.

Organic waste converter machine (OWC machine)

Organic waste converter machine
Organic waste converter machine

Besides the above organic compost machines, there is also automatic fermentation pot for you to choose. It can make organic waste to manure automatically after you put waste into it. You should make the organic waste in proper water content, C/N ratio before composting. And then you can put organic waste into organic waste converter machine by the large hopper on the machine. After this, you can set fermentation parameters on the equipped control cabinet. The stirring equipment in the machine will stir the organic waste evenly. The air supply system will send air to organic waste to adjust temperature and oxygen content. In addition, this organic waste converter machine will shorten fermentation period to 7-10 days. When the organic waste is completely decomposed, the fermented organic waste will be send out from the outlet. If you do not have enough space, this equipment will be your first choice.

Where can you use SEEC organic waste composting machine?

SEEC organic waste composting machines are available for composting various organic waste. And all of them are featured with high efficiency, easy operation and high output. In the following part, we will list some common applications.

Animal manure composting

Animal manure is high grade raw materials to making organic fertilizer. And the common animal manure includes chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, horse manure and so on. Before composting, you should add come straw or sawdust to adjust C/N ratio and water content. And then you can adopt organic waste recycling machine to stir them and finish composting. For manure with high water content, you can adopt solid-liquid separator to decrease water content to 50-60%.

SEEC groove type manure composting equipment
SEEC groove type manure composting equipment

Notes for using organic waste composting machine

As we all know, the investment on equipment is huge. So, we can avoid some unnecessary damages, so as to prolong its service life and produce more profits for you. The following part is notes for prolong service life of organic waste composting machine.

  • Concrete or hard ground for placing equipment: Concrete ground is good for both composting and equipment. For one thing, concrete ground can separate soil and organic waste. For the other thing, concrete ground can provide stable support to equipment.
  • Timely lubrication: For continuously running machine, you should lubricate its components every now and then. Because lubricating oil can reduce friction between components, so as to prolong their service life and improve working efficiency.
  • Avoiding being exposed in bad environment: If you place organic waste composting machine in the open air, protective measures is necessary. You should protect them from rain, snow and long sun exposure. Because without protective measures, all these things will cause damage on equipment.


Farm Waste Granulator Fertilizer Production Line
Farm Waste Granulator Fertilizer Production Line

1. Animal manure composting machine for customer in Peru (Self propelled compost turner)

  • Raw materials for composting: dung of dairy cattle (70%-80%) and stubble of plants (20%-30%)
  • Capacity: 300-500 m3/h
  • Features of our compost turner: high working efficiency, sturdy and sharp turning shaft.

Notes: If you want to deal with similar organic waste, we recommend straw crusher to deal with straw, grass, tree branches, plant roots and other larger waste. Because you can get smaller waste pieces with the help of SEEC crusher, so as to accelerate composting process.

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