Fermentation Tank for Sale

Fermentation tank is a kind of organic compost making machine, which is used for aerobic composting of organic waste. As we all know, the process of organic waste fermentation includes ventilation, temperature control, turning of compost pile, water content control, harmless control and thorough fermentation of organic waste. And we design fermentation tank according to factors mentioned above. Therefore, fermentation tank for sale in SEEC will be the most suitable equipment for you to make aerobic fermentation.

Aerobic fermentation pot for chicken poop compost
Aerobic fermentation pot for chicken poop compost

What is aerobic fermentation of organic waste?

Aerobic fermentation is microorganism activity in essence. Generally speaking, there are multiple nutrients in organic waste, which can be decomposed by microorganisms. The microorganisms will convert organic waste into humus and other nutrient substances, which can be absorbed by soil and plants. In addition microorganisms will consume oxygen, water and produce a lot of heat during composting. Thus it can be seen that oxygen content, water content and temperature are important factors for aerobic fermentation. The fermentation can be divided into following four stages, temperature-rise period, high-temperature phase, temperature-fall period, thorough fermentation and fertilizer maintenance.

Temperature-rise period

This period appears in the initial stage of composting. Microorganisms in this stage are usually aerobic and mesophilic bacteria, such as non-spore bacteria, spore bacteria and mycete. They will actively decompose organic matters easily decomposed and produce a lot of heat, such as simple sugar, amylum and protein, etc. The temperature will gradually increase from 20℃ to 40℃. And then the fermentation will enter next stage.

High-temperature period

Thermophiles gradually replace mesophilic bacteria. In this process, Thermophilic fungi will decompose complicated organic materials, such as cellulose, hemicellulose and pectic substances and so on. The continuous heat production will make the temperature achieve 60℃, which plays an important role in fermentation.

Fermentation tank for sale
Fermentation tank for sale

Temperature-fall period

When high-temperature period lasts for certain days, organic matters mentioned above have been decomposed, and the activity of thermophiles will be weak. If the high- temperature period lasts for a short time, you can adopt compost turner to turn the compost pile to make fermentation more complete.

Thorough fermentation and fertilizer maintenance

When organic waste complete fermentation, the temperature of compost pile will be slightly higher than air temperature and remain unchanged. Meanwhile, the volume of compost pile will reduce.

Organic waste converter machine
Organic waste converter machine

How does SEEC fermentation tank work?

Aerobic fermentation is critical for you to produce organic fertilizer with high quality. Therefore, you should reasonably control conditions for fermentation. What’s more, our organic compost bin is designed for converting organic waste to organic fertilizer according to principle of aerobic composting. And our fermentation tank for sale belongs to automatic organic waste converter. Organic waste enters fermentation tank from the upper part, and the sensors can automatically senses temperature and oxygen content, so as to provide a favorable condition for microorganism activity in organic waste. And the air supply system can send air according to set parameters on the control cabinet. When the organic waste finishes fermentation, you can collect organic fertilizer.

Main structures of fermentation tank

The main structures of fermentation tank include body, mixer, air supply system, material lifting device, control cabinet, hydraulic power station, biological deodorization equipment and sensors of temperature and oxygen concentration.

Mixer: The mixer is fixed inside the fermentation tank. It is used for stirring organic waste to realize complete fermentation. You can set the mixing frequency on the control cabinet. Meanwhile, if the temperature sensor senses too high temperature, the mixer will start and blend raw materials both for temperature reduction and full composting.

Air supply system: There is oxygen concentration sensor, when the oxygen content is lower than standard content, the air supply system will start. The air supply system allows the air to pass through organic waste from the bottom of the fermenter. After collected in the upper part of the fermentation pot, the exhaust gas is treated by the deodorizing system and then discharged according to standard. In addition, the composting temperature in the fermentation pot will rise to 55-60℃ after 24-48 h. When the composting temperature cannot achieve standard, the air supply system can also send hot air, so as to maintain favorable environment for fermentation.

What need you do before composting in fermentation tank?

Before sending organic waste into fermentation tank, you should guarantee the water content and no caking in organic waste.
Adjust water content: The water content of organic waste should be less than 75%. Because to much water will inhibit microorganism activity by impeding air circulation. And the most suitable water content is 50% to 60%. if there are too much water, you can add some rice straw, saw dust or dry organic waste. Or you can adopt SEEC dehydrator to adjust water content. On the contrary, if the water content of organic waste do not achieve standard content, you can add some water.

Crush potential caking: Too large caking in organic waste will influence fermentation result. Therefore, you had better crush organic fertilizer before composting. In addition, you can adopt semi-wet material crusher, which is special equipment for high moisture materials.

Solid-liquid separator machine for composting pig manure
Solid-liquid separator machine for composting pig manure

Why is SEEC fermentation tank for sale your best assistant during composting?

Henan SEEC Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture who has designed and produced organic fertilizer making equipment for more than 20 years. Therefore, we can provide you low-cost and high-quality fermentation tank. What’s more, our fermentation tank has the following advantages:

  • Reasonable structure: The construction of fermentation tank is compact, and there is no dead angle inside tank, which is convenient for washing and beneficial to complete fermentation.
  • Multiple models: There are three models for you to choose, and the volume of fermentation tank ranges from 5 to 150 cubic meters. Besides models we have, we can also design and customize equipment for you according to your requirements.
  • Wide range of application: SEEC fermentation tank is suitable for various organic waste, such as manure of livestock and poultry, municipal sewage sludge, food waste, crop straw and so on.

Similarities and differences between fermentation tank and compost turner

According to composting method, there are three types composting, including windrow type compost, groove type compost and composting with fermentation tank.But machines for composting mainly are compost turner and fermentation tank.

Crawler type compost turner for sale
Crawler type compost turner for sale

Similarities: Whether compost turner or fermentation tank, their functions are same. You can adopt them in aerobic composting of organic waste. Both of them can create favorable environment for microorganism activity.

Differences: You can use compost turner for turning compost pile in open space, but the fermentation tank belongs to closed aerobic composting environment. In addition, the working capacity of fermentation tank for one fermentation period depends on its volume, but it can provide a closed fermentation environment which can effectively prevent secondary pollution. In terms of compost turner, it is movable, and can works for multiple compost piles. If you have a large volume of organic waste and space, you can adopt compost turner, whose capability is higher. In conclusion, you can choose organic waste recycling machine according to actual requirement, cost budget and so on.

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