Organic Fertilizer Granulation Machine

Organic fertilizer is often made from organic waste. By this way, you can both lower cost and decrease organic waste’s pollution on environment. As we all know, we usually convert organic waste into organic fertilizer by composting. Take manure of livestock or poultry as an example, it cannot be used directly. For one thing, manure will automatically ferment and produce heat. The heat will do harm to roots of plants and crops. For another thing, the direct application may cause air pollution because of its obnoxious odors. After composting, fermented organic waste becomes organic fertilizer. In addition, if you manufacture organic fertilizer for sale, you may need further processing. That is to say, you can manufacture granulated organic fertilizer by organic fertilizer granulation machine.

What’s organic fertilizer granulation machine and its working principle?

Organic fertilizer granulation machine is also called fertilizer pellet machine. In addition, it is an important part in whole organic fertilizer production line. And it can granulate powdery organic fertilizer into granules. On the one hand, granules are more convenient for storage, transport and application. Meanwhile, you also can add some functional bacteria in granulating process, so as to make bio-organic fertilizer. In addition, you can also add other materials to enhance fertilizer efficiency. Therefore, it is a good choice to granulate organic fertilizer as deep processing.

Working principle of SEEC granulation machine

In terms of making organic fertilizer pellets, all granulator equipment adopts wet granulation. In other words, certain amount of water or steam is used for making powdery organic fertilizer into pellets. At the same time, other components of granulator also help to granulate organic fertilizer.

New type organic fertilizer granulator in SEEC
New type organic fertilizer granulator in SEEC

What kinds of organic waste can use organic fertilizer granulation machine?

SEEC organic fertilizer pellet machine is available for various organic waste. Moreover, our granulator is not only widely applicable for different organic waste, but also has multiple types for you to choose. What’s more, the suitable organic waste including:

  • Animal manure: Chicken manure, cow dung, pig manure, poultry manure, horse manure, bat guano, vermicompost and so on.
  • Industrial waste: Municipal sludge
  • Commercial waste: Soya meal, filter mud from sugar mill, worse slag cake
  • Food waste: Kitchen waste, food waste from restaurants or dining hall and so on.

Notes: All mentioned organic waste shall complete composting. And then you can granulate them.

Disc granulator for cow dung fertilizer production
Disc granulator for cow dung fertilizer production

What kinds of organic fertilizer granulation machines can SEEC provide you?

As a granulation machine manufacturer, we provide four types organic fertilizer granulator for you. All of them have wide application. And then we will introduce them separately.

Disc granulator

Disc granulator is one of our hot sale products. Besides of solid construction, it also featured with high granulation rate 93% and easy operation. In addition, you should pay attention to the quality of organic fertilizer powder. That is to say, you should guarantee that there is no large caking and other materials in the powder. Therefore, you can adopt screening machines to screen fermented organic waste. And you can choose rotary screen machine and vibrating screen machine, which can provide you uniform powder. In addition, disk granulator have many models, whose working diameter ranges from 0.5 m to 3.6 m. On the one hand, the smallest model can be used for laboratory. On the other hand, you can adopt it in large scale fertilizer production line, compound fertilizer or organic fertilizer.


5 ton per hour pan granulator organic fertilizer production line
5 ton per hour pan granulator organic fertilizer production line

New type organic fertilizer granulator

This kind of granulator is our patented product. It granulates powdery organic waste by the inner rotary shaft and steam. Different with disc granulator, new type organic fertilizer granulator belongs to closed granulating process. Therefore, it will not cause dust. Generally speaking, its specification is larger than disc granulator. Therefore, you can use this kind of fertilizer granulator for medium and large scale organic fertilizer production.

Rotary drum granulator

Rotary drum granulator also adopts wet granulation. When the main body of rotary drum granulator rotates, rotary cylinder can make powdery organic fertilizer into pellets in virtue of centrifugal force and steam. In addition, the main body of granulator has certain incline angle. By this angle, granular organic fertilizer will successfully enter next stage. What’s more, this kind of granulator is available for making both granular organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer pellets.

Rotary drum granulator in SEEC
Rotary drum granulator in SEEC

Rotary drum stirring granulator

As SEEC’s patented equipment, rotary drum stirring granulator has stronger functions. In particular, it is equal to the combination of new type organic fertilizer granulator and rotary drum granulator. With the help of steam or water, powdery organic fertilizer gradually become granules under the rotation of main body and stirring of revolving shaft. Organic pellets produced are more compact, which is convenient for transport and storage.

Rotary drum churning granulator in SEEC
Rotary drum churning granulator in SEEC

What works should you do before and after granulating?

If you want to make high-quality organic fertilizer pellets, you should pay more attention to granulating process and preparation works. High-quality pellets means beautiful appearance, compact structure and uniform size. Besides suitable organic fertilizer granulation machine, in order to make popular organic fertilizer, you should do the following works.

Preparation before granulation

In order to make fermented organic waste into uniform fertilizer granules, you should guarantee that no caking and other materials in power. We recommend new type vertical crusher and disc mixer for you. New type vertical crusher is used for crushing large caking in fermented organic waste, so as to produce uniform powder. If you want to increase the function of organic fertilizer, you can add some other elements, such as functional bacteria. And then, you can blend them evenly by disc mixer. After disposal, powdery organic fertilizer will be sent to granulator for granulating.

Screening machine for making animal waste compost
Screening machine for making animal waste compost

Works after granulation

In order to control the water content of organic fertilizer pellets, you had better deal with them by rotary drum and drying machines. By these machines, the water content of pellets will be decreased so as to achieve standard. In addition, rotary screen machine will be adopted as the next step. Rotary screen machine will separate pellets with unqualified size from qualified pellets. And then conveying equipment will send qualified pellets back for secondary granulating. Meanwhile, qualified pellets will enter next stage. You can directly package the selected granules.

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