Manure Making Machine

Manure making machine is used for making organic manure fertilizer from various animal manure. Generally speaking, animal manure is a good raw material for making organic fertilizer. In view of terrible smell, potential harmful microorganisms and secondary fermentation, people usually use manure after composting. Besides composting, if you want to produce organic fertilizer from animal manure, you can adopt fertilizer making machines to deeply process it. The further processing includes crushing, screening, granulating and packaging. In the following parts, we will provide related information in details.

Organic Manure Fertilizer Making Machine
Organic Manure Fertilizer Making Machine

Specific materials you need to make manure fertilizer

The specific materials for making manure fertilizer include animal manure, auxiliary material like straw and fermentation strains. Among them, the main raw material of manure fertilizer is animal manure. It includes poultry manure like chicken poop, livestock manure like pig and cow manure, farm manure like sheep and horse manure. All of these animal manure are rich in macro-elements and micro-elements. What’s more, manure will become nutrient, rich humus or compost after fermentation. In order to provide favorable fermentation conditions, you also need to add some straw, sawdust or shredded leaves to adjust C/N ratio. The C/N ration usually is about 30:1, which is critical for microorganism activity. In addition, you can add some fermentation strains to maintain the number of microorganisms in composting process. Because microorganism will decompose or digest organic matters and convert them into nutrient substance.

Main equipment in granular manure production line
Main equipment in granular manure production line

Steps to make organic fertilizer of manure example

Besides organic manure compost, organic fertilizer manufacturing process still include organic fertilizer pellets making process. As mentioned above, you can get organic manure fertilizer after composting. In order to produce commercial organic fertilizer, you need to make granular organic manure fertilizer according to the following steps.

  • Crushing: Granular fertilizer has higher requirement on fertilizer powder. So,you need to crush fermented manure into fine particles.
  • Mixing: If you want to add certain function to organic manure fertilizer, you can add some elements to it by fertilizer batching machine.
  • Granulating: In this step, organic fertilizer granulator machine will help you to convert fertilizer powder into uniform pellets.
  • Screening:Through this step, you can select fertilizer pellets with unqualified size from qualified granular fertilizer. Then you can get high quality and beautiful fertilizer pellets.
  • Packaging: You may need package organic fertilizer, so as to provide convenience for transport and storage.

Patent manure making machines hot sale in SEEC for your fertilizer plants

The most important steps for making organic manure fertilizer is composting and granulating. For small or large scale organic manure production, manure making machines is necessary. Because they can highly improve efficiency and quality of organic fertilizer production. Therefore, we will introduce our patent and hot sale manure making machine to you.

Rapid compost turner for windrow composting
Rapid compost turner for windrow composting

Rapid Compost Turner for Windrow Composting

  • Model: SEECLDF-3000 (Full hydraulic)
  • Compost width: 3 m
  • Compost Height: 1.3-1.5 m
  • Moving Speed: 6-10 m/min (adjustable)
  • Capacity: 1300-1500 cubic meters/h
  • Color: Dark green (can be customized)
  • Application: Turning organic waste during composting

Rapid composting machine

According to our experience, natural composting will spend almost half a year. However, with the help of SEEC organic waste composting machine, the composting period can be shortened to 20 days. In addition, we still have automatic composting machine, which can shorten composting period to 7-10 days. You can compost manure in form of windrow or heaps. Because composting in windrow is flexible on size and location. On the contrary, if you have limitation on space, you can choose container compost with SEEC aerobic fermentation pot. For windrow composting, we highly recommend self propelled compost turner and crawler type compost turner. Both of them are featured with easy operation, high capacity and wide application. You can use them both in workshop and open air. Fermentation pot is space-saving, high output and automatic control. You just need to put organic manure into pot and set parameters on the control cabinet.

Pellet making machine

Fertilizer pellets are convenient for transportation, storage and application. If you want to making granular organic manure fertilizer, you can adopt fertilizer granulation equipment in SEEC. Here, we will introduce SEEC patent manure pelletizer to you. This kind of fertilizer pellet machine can finish granulating and polishing at the same time. By means of centrifugal force, mechanical stirring power and steam, manure pelletizer can covert powdery organic fertilizer into pellets with beautiful appearance and uniform size. When the powdery fertilizer enters the granulator, steam will make the power wet and form small pellets. And then the middle part will make small pellets into standard size. And then the end part of granulator will polish the fertilizer pellets, so as to make pellets looks more beautiful and uniform. In addition, its granulating rate can achieve 93%. That is to say, you can make high-quality granular fertilizer once.

Patent manure pelletizer
Patent manure pelletizer

Patent Manure Pelletizer

  • Model: SEECJZ-1000
  • Capacity: 2-4 t/h
  • Total power: 55 kw
  • Boundary dimensions: 4700*2350*1600
  • Features: High granulating rate of 97%, high efficiency, closed granulating environment
  • Application: It is suitable for making fertilizer pellets from various organic waste

Composting and granulating, two key processes for making high quality manure fertilizer

Composting process

Fermentation/composting is an important process to convert animal manure into high nutrient fertilizers. During composting, microorganisms decompose organic matters, consume oxygen and water, and release heat. Meanwhile, the heat can make temperature of compost pile rise to 65℃, which can kill seeds, eggs and harmful bacteria. So, you can get high-quality and high nutrient fertilizer by composting. In order to maintain nutrient in animal manure, we should compost it in a short time. Therefore, you may need manure composting equipment to adjust fermentation conditions and make quick composting. If you want to make commercial manure fertilizer, you can adopt commercial composting equipment, such as groove type compost turner and windrow composting equipment.

Granulating process

If you want to make manure fertilizer for sale, you need to further process the fermented organic manure. Here, compost mixer machine, compost shredder machine, organic fertilizer pellet machine, manure drying machine and other manure making machines are necessary. However, the most critical process is granulating. Before granulating, you need adopt crushing equipment and mixing equipment to make fine fertilizer powder. And then powdery organic manure will become pellets by fertilizer granule machine, with the help of stream and role of machine. There are disc granulator and new type organic fertilizer granulator for you to choose. Both of them are featured with high granulating rate of 93%, easy operation, energy saving and high output. Because the working principle of most SEEC granulating machine is wet granulation, organic manure dryer will be adopted to decrease water content of organic fertilizer pellets. Finally, packaging machine is used for making bagged organic manure.

SEEC groove type manure composting equipment
SEEC groove type manure composting equipment

SEEC Groove Type Manure Composting Equipment

  • Model: SEEC-3000
  • Main power: 18.5 kw
  • Mobile power: 1.5 kw
  • Features: High output, can turn the organic waste evenly and shorten composting period
  • Application: It is suitable for turning various organic waste, such as cow manure, chicken manure, food waste and so on.

Whats the process of making organic or compost manure in pot manufactured by SEEC?

As one of manure making machines, SEEC aerobic fermentation pot can make compost in a short time. Here, we make a detailed introduction on composting animal manure by fermentation pot. Before you put animal manure into pot, you should do some compost preparation. You need to adjust water content and C/N ration by adding straw, leaves or sawdust and add fermentation strain. Then, you can send it to pot by hopper on the machine. Fermentation pot is a closed equipment. The stirring apparatus will stir the organic manure regularly. Air supply system will send air into pot, which can adjust water content, temperature and increase oxygen content. 7-10 days later, organic manure will become fine organic manure fertilizer. The automatic outlet will send it out. There is PLC control system, which can automatically control the fermentation process. What’s more, this pot is space-saving, high capacity and wide application.

Here is SEEC manure dewatering machine to process your tons of wet wastes

During composting, water content is an important factor. For animal manure without too much water, you can add some sawdust, straw or rice hull. This method is suitable for poultry manure and sheep manure. However, you need manure dewatering machine to deal with animal manure with high water content, such as pig manure and cow manure. SEEC manure dewatering machine is also called solid liquid separator machine. After pumping animal manure into it, it will separator extra water from manure. And then you can get organic manure with lower water content. The suitable water content for composting organic manure is about 55%. And you can test water content by taking a handful of organic manure. When you grip a handful of wet organic manure and no water drops, the water content is suitable. In addition, it is also suitable for other organic waste, like food waste, sludge and so on.

SEEC manure dewatering machine
SEEC manure dewatering machine

What solutions can SEEC manure machinery provide for your manure pellet processing?

In order to make high quality manure pellets, you should pay more attention to manure pellet processing. Here are some solutions for processing manure pellet.

  • Crushing and Mixing before granulating: In order to make high quality fertilizer pellets, you should guarantee the quality of fertilizer powder. Crushing process can eliminate potential caking, so as to produce fine fertilizer powder. Meanwhile mixing process can be used for increasing fertilizer function by adding other nutrient elements.
  • Choose suitable fertilizer pellet making machine: There are pan granulator,organic manure granulator and rotary drum stirring granulator. All of them are our hot sale products and can make high quality fertilizer pellets.
  • Drying and cooling after granulating: Drying and cooling process is mainly used for decreasing water content in organic manure fertilizer, so as to make structure of pellets more compact.
  • Polishing fertilizer granules: You can get more uniform and beautiful pellets by fertilizer polishing machine.

SEEC manure fermentation pot
SEEC manure fermentation pot

SEEC Manure Fermentation Pot

  • Capacity/volume: 3- 100 cubic meters
  • Features: It is space-saving, high output. It can finish composting in 7 to 10 days
  • Application: It is suitable for composting various organic waste, such as chicken manure, pig manure, horse manure and so on
  • Color: Blue or grey

Two methods of making organic manure

How to make organic compost fertilizer? There are two kinds of organic fertilizer manufacturing processes for you to choose. They are powdery manure production line and granular manure production line.

  • Powdery manure production line: Powdery manure production need fewer machines and lower cost. Vertical crusher is used for deal with manure caking. Screening machine is used to remove impurities. Therefore, you can get fine and pure powdery fertilizer after the two steps. And then you can package them by SEEC fertilizer bagging equipment, which can finish feeding, filling, packaging and sealing.
  • Granular manure production line: Compared with powdery manure, manure pellets are more convenient for transportation, storage and application. And the production process is more complex. The most important steps include crushing, granulating, screening and packaging. You can adopt semi-wet material crusher for making fine fertilizer powder. During granulating process, SEEC granulator will help you to make high quality fertilizer pellets. And then screening process will select out pellets with uniform size and beautiful appearance. Finally, belt conveyor will send qualified pellets to SEEC fertilizer packaging machine, which will produce bagged fertilizer.
Detailed organic fertilizer pellets production line
Detailed organic fertilizer pellets production line

Items that you should consider in manure making plant cost

When we want to purchase manure making plant, cost is an important factor that we will consider. Many factors may influence cost. And we will have a deep discussion below.

  • Fertilizer quality you want: As we all know, the higher the fertilizer quality is, the more organic fertilizer making machines you need. If you have higher requirements on fertilizer quality, appearance and form, you may need more auxiliary machine during production process. And the cost is relatively higher.
  • Selection of manure making machine: In terms of same production process, there are multiple machines for you to choose, you can select equipment with suitable cost.
  • Form of final manure fertilizer: In terms of form of fertilizer manure, you can choose powdery manure production and fertilizer pellets production. And the former one is more simple and need fewer organic manure making machines than the later.

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