Bio Organic Fertilizer Production

With the development of agriculture and technology, many types of fertilizer has appeared. As emerging organic fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer production becomes hot spot in fertilizer industry and agricultural materials consumption. Because the quality of bio organic fertilizer directly affects its application effect, we should pay more attention to production process and control of some key factors. We SEEC will provide your detailed description on production process of bio organic fertilizer, selection of equipment and other considerations.

Bio Organic Fertilizer Production Line
Bio Organic Fertilizer Production Line

What is bio organic fertilizer?

Bio organic fertilizer is a kind of microbial fertilizer. After innocent treatment and thorough decomposition, organic waste is completely converted into organic fertilizer, and then you can add some effective bacteria, the fertilizer compounded is called bio organic fertilizer. And this kind of fertilizer owns effectiveness from both microbial fertilizer and organic fertilizer. What’s more, it belongs to environment friendly fertilizer. You can select different microbial agent as addition, according to soil condition and applied objects.

How to produce bio organic fertilizer with fertilizer making machine?

In order to produce high-quality bio organic fertilizer, you need do the following procedures, the decomposition of organic materials, the addition of functional bacteria for fertilizer, granulation of bio organic fertilizer and post processing. What’s more, for large-scale production or commercial production of bio organic fertilizer, you may need to adopt some machines. Meanwhile, as leading enterprise of organic fertilizer equipment industry, we offer various machines for fertilizer making, and specific customized services.

Crawler type compost turner for bio organic fertilizer composting
Crawler type compost turner for bio organic fertilizer composting

Crawler Type Compost Turner for Bio Organic Fertilizer Composting

  • Model: SEECLDF-2300, SEECLDF-2600,SEECLDF-3000, SEECLDF-3000(Full hydraulic)
  • Turning Height: 0.6 m-1.8 m
  • Turning Width: 2.3 m- 3 m
  • Working Capability: 500 cubic meter- 1800 cubic meter
  • Power: 75 kw – 143 kw

Decomposition of organic materials with SEEC composting equipment

Only those fully decomposed organic fertilizer can create better living environment for functional bacteria, so as to produce specific efficiency. Therefore, the composting of organic waste is critical. And there are two composting methods for you to choose.

Windrow type composting: You can pile up organic waste in windrow type, and the section of compost pile can be trapezoid or triangular. In case of leakage, the compost pile is usually placed on cement ground or in concrete groove. According to composting site, you can choose different equipment for turning compost pile to adjust temperature, air content and moisture. We have groove type, wheel type and chain plate type compost turner for compost pile in groove, and forklift type and crawler type compost turner for compost pile on the ground.

Fermentation pot for bio organic fertilizer composting

Fermentation pot for bio organic fertilizer composting
Fermentation pot for bio organic fertilizer composting

Bio Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Pot

  • Model: SEECFJG-5, 10, 20
  • Volume: 3-100 cubic meters
  • Color: Blue or grey
  • Fermentation period: 7-10 days (slightly longer time in winter)
  • Application: Chicken manure composting, cow manure composting, pig manure composting, sludge composting and so on.
  • Features: Automated temperature control, air supply system and stirring system; greatly shorten fermentation period.

Organic fertilizer fermentation pot for composting: During fermentation, compost pile may produce some odors, which may pollute surrounding air. If you want to prohibit secondary pollution, you can adopt fermentation pot for composting. In addition, SEEC fermentation pot has automatic control on temperature, moisture and air content, which can provides a stable and comfortable environment for microorganism activities.

How to produce bio organic fertilizer?

1. Addition of functional bacteria

The bio organic fertilizer is combination of organic fertilizer and functional bacteria. And the bio organic fertilizer includes powdery type and granular type.

Functional bacteria addition for powdery bio organic fertilizer

This technique is easier and cost is lower. According to certain proportion, you firstly mix fermented organic fertilizer with humic acid powder, and then you can add certain amount of functional bacteria agent. In this process, you can adopt SEEC horizontal mixer, which can evenly mixing organic fertilizer and functional bacteria agent. After mixing, you can dry and package them.

Horizontal mixer for bio organic fertilizer making
Horizontal mixer for bio organic fertilizer making

Horizontal Mixer for Bio Organic Fertilizer Making

  • Model: SEECWJ-7015
  • Color: Cyan and Beige (Customized)
  • Capacity: 2-3 t/h (3-5 t/h, 10-15 t/h)
  • Application: Mainly used in production line of powdery and granular organic fertilizer

Functional bacteria addition for granular bio organic fertilizer

Under this circumstance, you can add functional bacteria before,in or after granulation. Or you can granulate them separately and then mixing them. When you choose to add functional bacteria after granulation, you can adopt SEEC rotary coating machine, which can make the functional bacteria coat the fertilizer pellets. In addition, you also can granulate bacteria and organic fertilizer respectively, and then you adopt BB fertilizer mixer to blend them evenly.

2. Granulation of bio organic fertilizer

Granulation is the key step in bio organic fertilizer production. According to the previous step, you can add functional bacteria before granulation; you can also add bacteria in granulation process. Moreover, SEEC provides various granulation machines for you, including new type organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum churning granulator and disc granulator. In addition, all these machines adopt wet type granulation, so you can add functional bacteria in the granulator with water, so as to realize the compound of organic fertilizer and bacteria.

Rotary drum churning granulator for bio organic fertilizer
Rotary drum churning granulator for bio organic fertilizer

Rotary Drum Churning Granulator for Bio Organic Fertilizer

  • Model: SEECZJZ-1060
  • Capacity: 5-8 t/h
  • Size: 7250*1250*1670
  • Installation angle: 2-2.5 degrees
  • Features: High output organic fertilizer granulator; wet granulation; and save energy.

3. Post processing of bio organic fertilizer production with hot sale SEEC equipment

After granulation, there are still some steps to be finished, including drying and cooling, screening and packaging. If you add bacterial during granulation making, what you should specially note here is temperature. Because the favorable temperature for most functional bacteria is 20℃ to 40℃, and most microorganism will be killed when the temperature is above 60℃. And for screening, you can apply SEEC rotary screen machine, whose capacity can achieve 1 to 20 t/h. What’s more, SEEC high output single (double) bucket automatic packing scale, and there are some matched accessories for you to choose, including swing machine, automatic counting machine, infrared trimming machine and folding machine.

Some important tips on composting for bio organic fertilizer production

Besides selection of compost turner and composting methods, the following aspects also need your attention:
Control of C/N ratio: As important nutritional condition, the C/N ratio of organic material directly affect the decomposition speed of microorganism, and indirectly decide the fermentation speed and quality of organic fertilizer. Practice has proven that the suitable C/N ratio of organic materials for fermentation is (20-35):1. For municipal sludge, human waste and cattle manure, you can add materials with rich nitrogen; for pig manure and chicken manure, you can add some rice straw, sawdust or peat.

Control of water content: The best water content is 50% to 60%. Because lower water content (<30%) will inhibit microbial metabolism and decrease microbial activity. On the contrary, when water content is over 60%, the transportation of air will be impeded and the growth of microorganisms will be inhibited. Therefore, you should add some wheat husk, rice chaff or crushed straw to adjust water content. In addition, you can apply SEEC solid-liquid separator machine.

Aeration control: Continuous and moderate air is the key factor for successful composting. On the one hand, aeration can adjust temperature and take part of moisture away. On the other hand, it can provide enough oxygen for microorganism activity. During fermentation, the proper oxygen content is 5% to 15%. Under this condition, you can choose SEEC compost turner for turning compost pile, so as to create favorable environment for microorganism activity.

Groove type compost turner for bio organic fertilizer making
Groove type compost turner for bio organic fertilizer making

Groove Type Compost Turner

  • Model: SEEC-3000 (customized)
  • Main power: 18.5 kw
  • Lift power: 1.1 kw
  • Application: Turning the organic waste composted in fermentation groove.
  • Features: One equipment can realize multiple grooves working; high turning efficiency

How to choose and add functional strain during bio organic fertilizer production?

Functional strain is the important part of bio organic fertilizer. In addition, strain featured with high temperature resistance, salt tolerance, low oxygen resistance, drought tolerance will be your best choice. What’s more, the strain should have ability to enrich the soil, degradation and repair. The addition of functional strain is usually before, in or after granulation. Meanwhile, you had better not add strain during fermentation process, because the temperature of fermentation may over 60℃. Under the high temperature over 40℃, most functional bacteria will be killed and the fertilizer effect will decrease.

Once you still have problems about bio organic fertilizer production, you can inquire us. Meanwhile, we will provide you detailed and professional answer.

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