How to Make Chicken Poop Compost

Making chicken poop compost is a wise way to deal with chicken manure. By composting, chicken poop will become nutrient-rich compost, which can be used as base fertilizer in your garden, farm or sold to others. Composting here refers to aerobic fermentation, where organic waste converts into organic fertilizer by decomposition of microorganism. There are two composting methods for you to choose, groove type composting and windrow composting. In order to get quality chicken manure compost as soon as possible, compost making machines are necessary.

Why should you deal with chicken manure by composting before application?

Chicken manure has various nutrition, and partial nutrient contents are high. Organic matter contents in chicken dung are higher than those in manure of large livestock, like cattle and pig. What’s more, Chicken dung contains all identified essential plant nutrients. Composted chicken droppings are multi-functional. It can degrade pesticides and chemicals in soil; it can dissolve solidified micro-nutrients in soil, like phosphorus and potassium. What’s more, chicken manure is easily for you to get and the cost of it is lower.

Chicken litter cannot be used directly. Even though chicken dung is rich in nutrition, it cannot be applied directly. And there are two reasons:

  • Chicken feces contains plenty of bacteria, some of which are pathogenic. And those harmful bacteria may stick to plants or go into cells of plants, which are difficult to be cleaned thoroughly. However, High temperature generated during composting will kill them.
  • On the other hand, chicken dung without treatment has higher salinity and high concentrations of heavy metals. The direct application will do harm to root system of plants. In addition, after direct application, chicken dung will continue to ferment, which will produce amounts of heat and odor. Heat will hurt the plant and the odor will cause pollution.

Crawler type compost turner for chicken manure composting
Crawler type compost turner for chicken manure composting

Self-propelled Compost Turner for Chicken Poop Compost

  • Model: SEECM-240
  • Compost width: 2600 mm
  • Compost Height: 800-1200 mm
  • Moving Speed: 4.5-5.5 (adjustable)
  • Color: Beige and Cyan (can be customized)
  • Application: Turning organic waste during composting

How to make chicken poop compost with organic waste composting machine?

Pre-treatment—prepare chicken manure and adjust fermentation conditions

During composting, auxiliary materials are also necessary as well as chicken manure. Auxiliary materials, like straw, sawdust, pin shavings, are used for adjusting C/N ratio and moisture of compost piles. You should add proper crushed straw to adjust C/N ratio to 25:1-30:1. Meanwhile, the addition of straw can improve aeration of compost piles. Therefore, you can prepare chicken manure and auxiliary materials proportionally.

Then, you can build some fermentation grooves to place these materials. Or you can pile them up in long rows. You can choose any composting methods according to your actual conditions.

Regularly turning compost piles with chicken manure composting machines

The application of compost turner here is mainly to adjust fermentation conditions and accelerate composting process. Chicken manure composting equipment can mix chicken manure and other materials evenly, so as to guarantee complete fermentation. At the same time, when compost turner blend chicken litter, air will enter compost pile and the heat and moisture will be released. Generally speaking, you can get chicken poop compost in 20-30 days with the involvement of compost making machines. Finally, you can use chicken poop compost after several days’ stabilization.

What kinds of composting machines can we provide?

According to composting methods, our compost turners consist of:

  • Compost turners used for fermentation grooves: groove type compost turner, wheel type compost turner and chain plate type compost turner. In terms of groove type compost turner and chain plate type compost turner, there are tracks on each two paralleled walls, on which they can move forward. Their turning devices will crush, blend and loose organic wastes. The wheel type compost turner is often used for large scale organic waste composting.
  • Windrow compost turners: Chain plate type compost turner and self propelled compost turner. Both of them use diesel oil. And you just need one person to operate them.
  • Small scale forklift type compost turner: It is suitable for dealing with chicken manure of small volume. You can use it in workshop or in the open air.

Video and Image of Organic Waste Composting Machines

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Rotary screen machine for making farm waste fertilizer
Rotary screen machine for making farm waste fertilizer

Vibrating Screen Machine

  • Model: SEECZS1*3 (can be customized)
  • Power: 1.5 kw
  • Dimensions (mm): 3400*1500*2700
  • Screening Area: 3 square meters
  • Capacity: 3-5 t/h

Disc mixer for chicken poop organic fertilizer making
Disc mixer for chicken poop organic fertilizer making

Disc Mixer

  • Model: SEECPJ-1800 (can be customized)
  • Motor Power: 7.5 kw
  • Dimensions (mm): 1800*1800*1800
  • Disc Diameter: 1800 mm
  • Edge Height: 400 mm
  • Speed Reducer Model: BLD15-87
  • Capacity: 3-5 t/h

Another efficient way for manure compost making—- SEEC fermentation pot

Besides compost chicken droppings with compost turner on the ground, fermentation pot is another good choice. And two types of fermentation pots are available for you, including organic fermentation pot and aerobic fermentation pot. Both of them utilize aerobic fermentation principle to dispose organic waste. And by fermentation pot, you can cut down a lot of works. In addition, both the fermentation pots are available for chicken manure composting, and the whole compost making period is about 10 days.

Chicken Manure Compost in invessel composting
Chicken Manure Compost in invessel composting

Aerobic Fermentation Pot for Chicken Poop Compost

  • Model: SEECFJG-10
  • Heating Power: 24 kw
  • Stirring Power: 11 kw
  • Stirring Speed: 3 (r/min)
  • Overall Size (mm ): 2400*2400*6900 (ranges from 3-100 cubic meters)

Two types fermentation pot

Organic fertilizer fermentation pot: After pre-treatment, you can place chicken feces in this fermentation pot, which will finish innocent treatment in 10 days. The following process is automatically controlled, including aeration, temperature control, mixing and deodorization. The features of it are land saving (it just occupies 10-30 square meter), no pollution (closed fermentation), complete killing of pest eggs. What’s more, it can be customized, whose volume is from 5-150 cubic meter. In addition, you can choose horizontal or vertical fermentation pot according to your own requirements.

Aerobic fermentation pot for chicken poop compost
Aerobic fermentation pot for chicken poop compost

Fermentation Pot for Chicken Poop Compost

  • Model: SEECFJG-5
  • Heating Power: 24 kw
  • Stirring Power: 7.5 kw
  • Stirring Speed: 3 (r/min)
  • Overall Size (mm): 2200*2200*5300 (ranges from 3-100 cubic meters)

Aerobic fermentation pot: It contains air supply system, temperature sensor, oxygen content sensor and biological deodorization equipment, which can provide comfortable environment for microorganism activities. There are blending device in fermentation pot, which can blend raw materials regularly.

Efficient Tips for you to judge the accomplishment of chicken poop compost

Many factors may affect chicken poop compost, such as outside temperature, microorganism activity, compost machine selected and so on. Therefore, we cannot decide the accomplishment of compost according to days. From the following aspects, you can make a judgment.

  • Temperature: During fermentation, the temperature of compost pile rises at the beginning and then falls. But for fermented manure compost pile, there is no obvious change, the temperature of compost may be same as environment temperature or slightly higher than environment temperature.
  • Smell: At the beginning of composting, some uncomfortable smell may exist, including smell of chicken dung, H2S, NO and so on. However, after complete fermentation, the odour will weak and finally disappear.
  • Color: The color of raw material will gradually become black in fermentation. And the color of fermented fertilizer is black brown or black.
    These are simple and direct ways to make judgments. If you want to know more professional methods, you can inquire us, and we will give you detailed and comprehensive answer.

How much will you cost on chicken poop compost?

The cost for chicken manure compost includes two main factors. One factor is raw materials. According to some investigations, the price of chicken feces is cheap and the sources of it is wide. As for other additives, they are easy to get, like crop straw. The other main factor is equipment cost. As a professional organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer, we will offer you the most reasonable price. In addition, we also provide free technical guidance. Therefore, it is cost-efficient for you to convert chicken manure into organic fertilizer by composting. And we will be your best partner.

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