Commercial Composting Equipment

Organic fertilizer is a new type of green fertilizer with comprehensive nutrition and abundant organic matters. The long-term application of organic fertilizer can improve the soil permeability and eliminate the adverse effect of chemical fertilizer. On the other hand, the increasing demand on organic fertilizer decides the promising market development of organic fertilizer. As supplier of commercial composting equipment, we SEEC manufactures various composting equipment for commercial production of organic fertilizer. Because time and efficiency are the money for the commercial production of organic fertilizer, we dedicate to providing high-quality, energy-saving and high-efficiency equipment for organic waste composting.

Groove type compost turner for composting pig manure
Groove type compost turner for composting pig manure

Groove Type Compost Turner

  • Model: SEEC-3000 (can be customized)
  • Color: Orange (can be customized)
  • Main power: 18.5 kw
  • Mobile power: 1.5 kw
  • Features: High output, one equipment can turn organic waste in multiple grooves, easy operation
  • Application: Turning organic waste in the groove

How to make commercial organic fertilizer?

Commercial organic fertilizer means that you produce organic fertilizer for commercial purpose. That is to say, you should focus on quality and production efficiency. As we all know, organic fertilizer is usually made of organic waste. In this process, you should compost the organic waste firstly whether you produce powdery or granular organic fertilizer. During composting, microorganisms will decompose organic materials and convert them into humus and other nutrients. And then organic waste will become useful fertilizer, which is beneficial to soil and plants. When you make a compost, temperature, water content and oxygen content are the most important conditions. You should regularly turn the organic waste to make a complete compost. On the other hand, you should deeply process fermented organic waste for commercial production. Moreover, the deep processing includes crushing, mixing, granulating, screening and packaging. Among these steps, granulating organic fertilizer will be the most important step.

SX typical production line machinery for industrial organic fertilizer production
SX typical production line machinery for industrial organic fertilizer production

Composting solutions for processing organic waste

Composting is the determining factor of producing high-quality organic fertilizer. Therefore, you should pay more attention to composting period. In terms of commercial production of organic fertilizer, equipment will be more efficient than manually composting organic waste. Our composting equipment is mainly divided into two categories, compost turner and aerobic fermentation pot. In the following part, we will introduce them in details.

Composting organic waste with compost turner

As one category of composting equipment, compost turner can adjust compost environment. Whether you place organic waste on the ground or in the groove for composting, you should guarantee the temperature, water content and oxygen content. Because during composting period, microorganisms convert organic materials to humus and other nutrients that can be directly absorbed by plants. In addition, they will consume oxygen, water and release heat. And only suitable temperature, 50%-60% water content and abundant oxygen will be favorable for microorganism activity. So the turning of compost turner will be helpful for increasing oxygen content, decreasing higher temperature and adjust water content. There are three types compost turner for you to choose.

Crawler type compost turner for bio organic fertilizer composting
Crawler type compost turner for bio organic fertilizer composting

Windrow composting equipment

Compost turner is mainly used for turning compost pile. If you have larger site area, you can pile up organic waste on the ground at strip type. This composting method is featured with flexibility and lower cost. During working process, windrow composting equipment will stretch over the compost pile. And then the compost turner will slowly move forward while blending the compost wile. Crawler type compost turner and self-propelled compost turner will be your best assistants. Furthermore, both of them are featured with high output, high efficiency and long-term service life. Meanwhile, the stirring apparatus on the equipment will evenly stirring organic waste and eliminate potential caking.

Compost turner for composting in groove

Compared with windrow type composting, composting in groove is featured with high output, good heat preservation effect. At first, you should build fermentation groove, which means parallel wall. In terms of same space, fermentation groove can accommodate more organic waste than strip type compost pile. Under this condition, groove type compost turner, large scale wheel type compost turner and chain plate type compost turner are available. You can decide the groove volume and model of compost turner according to fermentation volume. All of these compost turner work on the groove. There is transfer machine for multiple grooves working.

Rapid compost turner for windrow composting
Rapid compost turner for windrow composting

Large Scale Commercial Composting Equipment

  • Turning depth: 1.5 m-3 m
  • Turning span: no more than 30 m
  • Color: Orange
  • Features: Highly automatic, energy saving, high capacity
  • Application: It is available for various organic waste composting and large scale composting

Aerobic fermentation pot

SEEC aerobic fermentation pot can provide a closed and favorable environment for composting. It consists of main body, loading lifting system, air supply system, hydraulic gear, automatic discharging system, automatic control system and deodorization device. With the help of fermentation pot, you can shorten fermentation period to 7-10 days. The stirring shaft has aeration blowing system, which can support air to organic waste. When organic waste cannot achieve fermentation temperature, air supply system can send hot air to the fermentation pot to create favorable composting environment. In addition, the hydraulic gear can effectively guarantee the stable operation of stirring shaft. In a word, SEEC fermentation tank belongs to automatic commercial composting equipment, which can produce high-quality organic fertilizer in as short time.

What kinds of organic waste can commercial composting equipment be used for?

For organic commercial fertilizer, people may pay more attention to its effect. So you should carefully select the organic waste as raw materials. And what kinds of organic waste can be used for making organic waste, we will give you the following options.

  • Animal manure: manure from livestock and poultry (pig manure, cow dung, chicken manure, horse manure)
  • Agricultural waste: rice straw, corncob, peanut hull, rice hull and so on (or you can add them into organic waste as auxiliary materials)
  • Industrial waste: oil-seed-meals, sludge and so on.

Fermentation pot for composting pig manure
Fermentation pot for composting pig manure

Automatic Aerobic Composting Equipment

  • Model: SEECFJG-5
  • Heating Power: 24 kw
  • Stirring Power: 7.5 kw
  • Stirring Speed: 3 (r/min)
  • Overall Size (mm): 2200*2200*5300 (ranges from 3-100 cubic meters)

What problems need your special attention during composting?

  • Methods to quickly calculate fermentation area: If you do not know how to choose equipment model and make sure fermentation space, the following formula may help you: Fermentation area= output of everyday * fermentation period (It usually is 20 days)/ density of fermented organic waste/ depth of stacking.
  • Before deeply composting, you should leave the fermented organic waste alone for 3 to 5 days. In this period, the various properties of organic fertilizer can completely stabilize.
  • When you adopt fermentation groove to place organic waste, the depth of organic waste shall be lower than that of groove. Or the organic waste will overflow and influence fermentation results.
  • In order to increase functions of organic fertilizer, you can add other elements, such as N, P, K and so on.

Cases of selling commercial composting equipment in SX

As important equipment for composting organic waste and producing organic fertilizer, SEEC commercial composting equipment is popular with customers both at home and abroad. Here we will share some pictures of loading with you.

windrow type compost turner
windrow type compost turner

groove type compost turner
groove type compost turner

self propelled compost turner
self propelled compost turner

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