Small Scale Compost Turner

Crawler type compost turner for sale
Crawler type compost turner for sale

Composting is an efficient way to deal with organic waste. In order to make quality compost in a short time, small scale compost turner is essential. On the one hand, SEEC small compost turner is suitable for various places, such as farms, small scale commercial organic fertilizer production line. On the other hand, with the help of small compost machine, you can greatly shorten composting period (20 to 30 days), and save workforce. Generally speaking, one person is enough to operate one small scale compost turner.

What’s more, you can use it in composting poultry manure, livestock manure and agricultural wastes. As an active advocate of ecological agriculture, SEEC manufactures various compost making machines, such as manure dewatering machine, organic waste crushing machine, and compost turners with different models and capacities. Furthermore, we also provide complete compost fertilizer production line and professional instructions.

To make a small commercial compost business, starting from SEEC small scale compost turner

For a beginner, who want to make commercial production of compost, we will recommend small scale compost system to him. On the one hand, small scale compost system is low cost and low investment. On the other hand, if you do not have huge amount of organic waste for composting, small scale compost system is enough. Among this system, small scale compost turner is the key equipment. For the commercial production, time and quality is the main factors. Therefore, you need the compost turner to accelerate composting period and improve quality of compost.

According to your actual conditions (budget, space for composting, quantity of organic waste), there are three composting methods. They are windrow composting (pile up organic waste in long rows), make a compost in fermentation grooves (you need to build fermentation grooves) and composting with forklift type compost turner. And the detailed information will be showed below.

Groove type compost turner for sludge composting
Groove type compost turner for sludge composting


If you have any problems about composting, we can provide you professional answers.

SEEC easy-to-operate small scale compost turner for farm composting

In terms of farm composting, the easy operation of small composting machine is necessary. The farm waste is good material for composting, such as straw, animal manure and so on. For the one thing, you can choose groove type compost turner, which works on the grooves and can finish composting in multiple grooves with the help of transfer machine. For the other thing, you can pile up organic waste in long rows, and you can adopt self-propelled compost turner to turn the organic waste evenly. In addition, you can control groove type compost turner by control panel, which uses electricity. For self-propelled compost turner, one person can operate it and it adopts diesel oil as fuel. Both of them are easy-operation and high efficiency. You can choose one of them, according your space and actual requirements.

Six kinds of small-scale compost turner machines in SEEC

Multifunctional forklift type turning machine for sale

This kind of small compost turner is our patented product. Its appearance looks like a forklift whose scraper bucket is the most important component. And all its turning functions come from the scraper bucket which can be regarded as a stirring room. Many dynamic blades are alternatively arranged on the two rotation shafts in the scraper bucket. In addition, under the role of dynamic blades and static blades on inside wall of scraper bucket, the organic waste is stirred, crushed and mixed thoroughly. Then processed materials are sent out from the discharge outlet at the bottom of scraper bucket.

Forklift compost turner for sale
Forklift compost turner for sale

Multi-functional forklift type turning machine

  • Model: SEEC-300
  • Application: Suitable for small scale organic waste composting
  • Features: Strong mixing capacity, flexible application, one person operation

Small scale groove type compost turning machine for fully composting

Groove type compost turner moves on the grooves, and the stirring apparatus will finish turning of organic waste. Its spare parts consist of control panel, groove changing device and electric cable winding wheel. In addition, it has double-groove type and half-groove type, which can meet different needs. What’s more, it is featured with high efficiency and high output. It working depth includes 0.8m, 1.0m, 1.2m and 1.5m. However, if you have special requirements, we can customize it for you.

Small windrow turner with steady working efficiency

It is featured with rubber track chassis and two hydraulic push plates, which make operation easier and more convenient. It is suitable for windrow composting, the blades on its stirring shaft can crush caking and turn the organic waste thoroughly. You can adopt it for indoor composting or outdoor composting. Moreover, you can shorten composting period to 20 -30 days. Last but not least, there is separate cab, which can separate driver from odor and heat released from compost pile.

Groove type compost turner for composting pig manure
Groove type compost turner for composting pig manure

Moving type compost turner for sale
Moving type compost turner for sale

SEEC self-propelled compost turner for poultry manure composting
SEEC self-propelled compost turner for poultry manure composting

Fermentation pot for composting pig manure
Fermentation pot for composting pig manure

Easy-to-operate small scale self-propelled compost turner

Easy operation is one of advantages of SEEC self propelled compost turner. You just need to designate one person to operate this equipment. And you can loosen, crush and turn windrow compost piles with it. And it available for windrow composting.

Small scale chain plate type composting machine for deep groove working

You can adopt it on different raw materials, which benefits from its variable frequency speed control system. What’s more, it is suitable for deep groove operation. Meanwhile, with high turning efficiency, it will effectively shorten the fermentation period and improve production efficiency.

What composting materials can small-scale compost turner be used for?

Compost turner with low cost for livestock manure compost

For farm with not large amount of livestock, they not only can make profit from livestock themselves, but can also take advantage of cow dung by composting. Livestock manure mainly come from pig, horse, sheep and cattle. It is full of organic matter and nutrient elements, which is the main source of organic fertilizer in rural area. For most farmers, it is not affordable for them to buy middle or large scale composting equipment, so we manufacture small compost turning machine with low cost for you. SEEC compost turning machine can help mix and crush large block manure thoroughly, which will accelerate the fermentation process.


Groove type compost turner for sludge composting
Groove type compost turner for sludge composting

Compost turner with high output for poultry manure composting

Small scale compost turner of windrow type is the best choice for turning poultry manure composting. It not only saves workforce but also make the fermentation more complete. Before collecting manure, we often put fine earth, turf soil or crushed grass in poultry house to absorb available nitrogen. Meanwhile, Poultry manure will produce large amount of heat during composting. Therefore, you can adopt windrow compost turner to blend them evenly and decrease temperature. With the help of equipment, you will produce high output organic fertilizer.

Small size SEEC compost turner for oil cake composting.

Oil cake is residua after oil expression which can be made into good organic fertilizer. It belongs to a byproduct of the oil industry, which has large amount of organic matters and some micro-elements. Therefore, you can make cake fertilizer by oil cake with the help of compost turning machine. Oil cake is sheet-like and lack moisture, so you can adopt compost turning machine to blend them with certain amount of water and crushing these sheet-like cake. And turning machine will create better fermentation environment.

chain plate type compost turner
chain plate type compost turner

Small Scale Chain Plate Type Compost Turner

  • Model: SEECC-2 (can be customized)
  • Total power: 25 kw
  • Turning span: 2 m
  • Moving speed: 0-6 m/min (adjustable)
  • Capacity: 50-100 m3/h
  • Features: Suitable for turning organic waste in deep groove, evenly turn organic waste

Composting machine with small capability for agricultural waste compost

Agricultural waste is the most common waste in daily life. Most of us know that it can be dealt with by burning, but it can also be made into organic fertilizer by fermentation. Before composting, you should crush it into small pieces, and you can adopt straw crusher. Fermentation is a physical process where microbial community decompose organic materials. At the same time, you can add animal manure (at least 60%) and some bacteria to maintain proper organic matters’ level and accelerate fermentation period. After these treatments, you can fully blending those materials with composting machine. Because too high temperature will inhibit some bacteria’s activities even kill them, you can use compost machine to regularly turning compost pile to decrease temperature and increase oxygen content.

Cost of SEEC commercial compost machine for small business

If you want to buy our compost machine for small-scale production of organic fertilizer, you can choose all small scale compost turning machine mentioned above. We are direct manufacturer of fermentation compost turning machine, that means we can offer you a reasonable price. What’s more, we dedicate ourselves in manufacturing high-quality and high-efficiency compost tuning machine, which will bring more benefits to you. In addition, all our equipment can be customized. Therefore, our equipment will be your best choices. If you want know more detailed information, you can directly contact with our engineers online. Or leave your requirements and contact information, we will answer you as soon as possible.


Groove Type Compost Turner for Agricultural Waste Composting in Trench
Groove Type Compost Turner for Agricultural Waste Composting in Trench

SEEC groove type manure composting equipment
SEEC groove type manure composting equipment

Small Scale Crawler Type Composting Machine

  • Model: SEECLDF-2300
  • Turing width (mm): 2300
  • Turing height (mm):600-1000
  • Capacity: 500-700 m3/h
  • Features: High efficiency, stable support during turning compost pile, easy operation

How to use SEEC small compost turning machine?

Different types of fermentation compost turning machines have different operating mode. Therefore, each fermentation compost turning machine has unique operation instruction for your reference. Before you purchase our equipment, we will show you how to operate it step by step. After purchase, if you still do not know how to use it, we can provide training for you or your staff.

Where can organic fertilizer made by small-scale compost turner be used?

We are a manufacturer who designs and produces organic fertilizer production equipment. So we believe SEEC small scale compost turner can help to produce high-quality fertilizer. In terms of rich nutrients and organic materials, organic fertilizer can be used for:

  • Vegetable greenhouse:The application of organic fertilizer can make vegetables restore their original tastes.
  • Tea plantation: Organic fertilizer can increase the chlorophyll content of tea leaves. At the same time, it will reduce the residue of pesticide and chemical fertilizer.
  • Orchard: Continuous application of organic fertilizer will make the soil become more and more rich, which will provide enough nutrition for root system. Meanwhile, the alternate bearing of fruit tree will gradually disappear.
  • Cropland: It can adjust the acidity and alkalinity of the soil, balance soil PH, increase the permeability of soil and improve the formation of granule structure. At the same time, all these functions can provide good conditions for crops and plants.

If you are interested in these compost turner, please contact us.

How to prolong the service life of small scale compost turner?

For all compost equipment purchased, you must hope they have long service life and durable capability. Therefore, you need to maintain them regularly during use. In terms of how to maintain them, we give the following tips to you:

  • Remove dust on main components of equipment in time. Because accumulated dust will increase frictional force among different parts, which will cause damage on components.
  • Lubricate connections regularly to reduce wear and keep efficiency.
  • Pay attention to period continuous running. Too long continuous operation will increase load of the equipment, so proper down time is necessary after long time and high load working.

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