Horse Manure Management

Generally speaking, one horse can produce 9 tons manure one year. Methods to deal with these manures is a challenge for most people. In addition to odor, fresh manure applied in the soil will burn roots of plants. As manure to fertilizer machine manufacturer, we recommend composting and making organic fertilizer from horse manure as solutions. After composting, organic matters in horse manure will become stable nutrients and be convenient for storage and application. What’s more, horse manure compost can be used for commercial purpose. You can pelletize horse manure by manure pellet mill and then sell it as high-quality organic fertilizer. That is to say, composting and horse manure fertilizer production can create extra profit for you.

How to create profit from horse manure management by composting?

With the help of SEEC compost turner for composting horse manure, you can get quality compost in 20-30 days. And then, you can use horse manure as fertilizer on your garden, farm, meadow or share it with your neighbors. In this way, you can reduce dependence on chemical fertilizer and cost. The detailed steps for making compost with horse manure include:

Self-propelled compost turner for composting animal waste
Self-propelled compost turner for composting animal waste

Organic waste converter machine
Organic waste converter machine

Solid-liquid separator machine of SEEC
Solid-liquid separator machine of SEEC

  1. You should pile up horse manure together. If you have larger space and large amount of horse manure, you can pile it in long rows. On the contrary, fermentation grooves are suitable for small scale horse manure composting. Fermentation grooves have good heat preservation effect and occupy less space.
  2. Mixing horse manure with additives (microorganism agent & straw) and blend horse manure heap regularly. As additive, microorganism agent can accelerate composting process. The addition of straw is to adjust C/N ratio of compost pile to appropriate value 25:1-30:1. Meanwhile, rice hull, crushed corn stalk and peanut shell powder has the same function of straw. Besides of additives, composting equipment is also necessary, which can mix materials evenly, adjust fermentation conditions (temperature, moisture and oxygen content).
  3. Before using horse manure compost, you should leave compost alone for stabilization for several days. When the volume and temperature of horse manure no longer change, the composting is essentially finished. In order to guarantee fertilizer effect, several days’ stabilization is necessary.

Note: In terms of straw, you should adopt crusher to reduce the size of straw, such as straw crusher. Because too large straw may increase too much pore space, which is not good for heating up compost pile.

Water content adjustment during horse waste management

Water content is closely related to growth of the microbes and transport of nutrients. The most suitable moisture of horse manure for composting is 50%-65%. Because too higher water content will inhibit aeration and decrease pore space. Meanwhile, too lower water content may slow composting process. For horse poop with too high water content, you can adopt manure dehydrating equipment (solid-liquid separator machine) to dry horse manure. If the horse manure is too dry, you can add water more than once. It is not suitable to add too much water at once.

Way to judge moisture: The horse manure with proper water content is like a freshly wrung out sponge. Or you can catch a handful of horse manure, it will be suitable for composting when it is wet but no water drops.

SEEC efficient composting equipment for horse manure management?

Different types compost turners are suitable for different horse manure composting systems. The application of horse manure compost making machines is the best way to speed up composting process. The windrow compost turner is for horse manure piled up in long rows. And SEEC groove type compost turner is used for fermentation grooves (multiple bin composting system). For both of composting methods, you had better make a permanent roof for them, which can prevent rainfall and snow.

Windrow compost turner for managing horse manure in long rows

In order to keep good ventilation around compost pile, you can pile horse manure and additives in long windrows. This kind of horse manure management has few requirements on the area. In addition, you can calculate site area for composting by estimating horse manure output of every week or month. Crawler type compost turner and self-propelled compost turner are available for windrow composting. Both of them are easy operation, energy-saving and have high working efficiency.

  • Crawler type compost turner: Its rubber track chassis can provide steady support for the whole machine during operation. In addition, its rotary shaft can move up and down by hydraulic control. And its turning tooth adopt quality material, which has longer service life and stronger turning capability.
  • Self-propelled compost turner (moving type compost turner): It is easy to operate during composting horse manure. Its turning device can finish turning, mixing and crushing horse manure when it works. In addition, one person can operate it. It adopts diesel oil, which can provide enough power to turn the compost pile.

Note: Because the most active section of composting occurs in the center of the pile, where the temperature is higher. Therefore, the blend of compost pile can release extra temperature, aerate compost piles and guarantee fully fermentation.

Compost turner for multiple-groove manure composting system

Vermicomposting for farm waste disposal
Vermicomposting for farm waste disposal

In terms of multiple groove manure composting system, you should build some fermentation grooves. Each of these grooves has three walls, which not only can increase storage but also preserve fermentation heat. It is not easy to turn horse manure in the groove manually. Therefore, you can apply suitable compost turner, such as groove type, chain plate type and wheel type compost turner. You can place compost turner on the two paralleled walls. And then it can move forward automatically while turning the horse manure evenly. Among the three types of compost turners, chain type compost turner is suitable for deep groove operation and wheel type compost turner is available for large scale horse manure composting.

Aerobic fermentation pot for quickly composting horse manure

Besides above two methods, you can also compost horse manure in the fermentation pot. If you do not have much space for composting, aerobic fermentation pot will be the best choice. After preparing raw materials for composting, you can put them into fermentation pot. It can automatically control oxygen content and fermentation temperature, so as to guarantee a favorable environment for microorganisms. What’s more, it can shorten composting period to 7-10 days, which can greatly improve working efficiency. Fermentation pot for horse manure management owns multiple models, which ranges from 3 m3 – 100 m3. So, you will find most satisfying equipment in SEEC.

Vermicomposting for agricultural waste disposal
Vermicomposting for agricultural waste disposal

Three advantages of composting horse manure

Composting is an environment friendly and efficient method for horse manure management. And we will list three obvious advantage of composting horse manure below.

  • Kill parasite eggs, larvae and weed seeds. There is high temperature during composting process, which can kill harmful materials and creatures in horse manure.
  • Reduce volume of manure and odor. As the composting progresses, the volume of horse manure will decrease. At the same time, the odor will gradually disappear. The composted horse manure is more convenient for application, transport and storage.
  • Improve the value of horse manure and create extra profits. Composted horse manure is a kind of high-quality organic fertilizer. You can sell it to others after further progressing or directly.

Where can you use horse manure compost?

After composting, horse manure fertilizer not only contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, but also large amount of micro-nutrients. Hence, you can used it as soil conditioner or soil amendment. In addition, horse manure compost both can add organic matters to the soil, and benefit soil structure, aeration, moisture retention and permeability. In terms of these benefits, you can apply it to pastures, garden beds, field crops and horticultural plants. Finally, you can use it as nutrient source in growing mushroom.


For the application, you should focus on two points. Firstly, you should apply it to soil as fertilizer or mulch at least one month before planting, so as to make the soil and plants take full advantage of nutrients in horse manure compost. Secondly, you had better not apply it in winter, but warmer days.

Vertical organic waste compost crusher
Vertical organic waste compost crusher

Horse manure fertilizer granulator
Horse manure fertilizer granulator

Horse manure fertilizer bagging Machine
Horse manure fertilizer bagging Machine

If you want to deeply process horse manure after composting, what procedures and equipment should you use?

In view of nutrient content, horse manure compost is usually used as base fertilizer. In order to improve its commercial value, turning horse manure to commercial organic fertilizer is also a good method to manage horse manure. There are two methods to convert horse manure to organic fertilizer. One is to make bagged compost fertilizer, which is easy and low cost. And the other is to make composted horse manure into pellets, which needs more equipment and larger investment.

Producing powdery organic fertilizer from compost horse manure

  1. Crushing and screening horse manure compost for making uniform and pure compost. During this process, SEEC compost crusher will eliminate caking and bulks, and shred them to designated size. With the help of belt conveyor, crushed compost will enter rotary compost screen machine. It can select out unqualified compost. SEEC compost shredder machine include new type vertical crusher, semi-wet crusher and hammer crusher.
  2. Batching and mixing horse manure compost with other nutrient elements. The addition of other nutrients elements, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, to increase fertilizer effect. Batching machine can help you prepare additives at different ratios. Compost mixer here is to blend multiple materials evenly. SEEC batching machine includes static batching machine for small scale horse manure fertilizer production and dynamic automatic batching machine for large scale and continuous fertilizer production. Meanwhile, horizontal mixer, double shafts horizontal mixer and disc mixer are available for blending materials.
  3. Making bagged compost fertilizer with SEEC horse manure compost bagging machine. SEEC compost bagging machine can automatically finish weighing, filling and packing of fertilizer powder. In this process, two or three workers are enough. In addition, the special design of inner structure of bagging machine can effectively prohibit material blocking.


  • In spite of above-mentioned machines, forklift feeder or stock bin is necessary before crushing process and packing process. It can continuously supply materials for the whole production line, so as to guarantee continuous running.
  • The whole production process needs 4 people. One person is needed for feeding forklift feeder before crushing process by forklift. Two people for packing process. And one person monitors the control cabinet of horse manure processing machines.

Pelletizing horse manure fertilizer for commercial production

Fermented horse manure can be used as organic fertilizer directly. As another method for horse manure management—commercial horse manure fertilizer production, you may need to making it into pellets. Compared with powdery fertilizer, granular fertilizer is much easier for storage and application.

1. Works before horse manure granulating process

You may need to crushing fermented horse manure into inform particles. And if you want to add other elements to improve fertilizer effect, you can use automatic batching system and disc mixer for blending. These steps are same with that in powdery horse manure production.

2.Granulation process

Belt conveyor will send mixed horse manure to horse manure pellet maker, by which compost will become spherical pellets. SEEC horse manure pellet mill includes disc granulator, new type organic fertilizer granulator and rotary churning granulator. All of these granulators adopt wet granulation. That is to say, water will involved in the granulating process. Due to the standard moisture of fertilizer pellets is less than 10%, you need to dry and cool pellets after granulation.

  • Pan granulator: It utilizes centrifugal force and water to make fertilizer pellets. Its main parts include the pan, motor, support shaft or pedestal and decelerator. The bottom of the pan adopts multiple radiant steel plates, which can guarantee the efficiency and longer service life of disc granulator. In addition, the support shaft is heavy, which enhance the support to the whole machine. You can adjust the angle of inclination of the pan and moisture of compost to control the size of pellets produced.
  • New type Horse manure fertilizer granulator: Under the role of its turning shaft and stirring tooth, horse manure compost will become quality pellets. In addition, its main body is closed, which can effectively prevent the production of dust.
  • Rotary churning granulator: It takes advantage of the rotation of main body and stirring from rotary shaft and stirring tooth to make fertilizer pellets. the pellets made from rotary churning granulattor, by contrast, is harder than that produced from the above-mentioned two types granulator.

3.Drying, cooling, screening fertilizer pellets

SEEC rotary drum drying machine utilizes hot air generated by hot blast furnace to evaporate moisture in pellets. And then, the fertilizer pellets will enter rotary cooling machine, wind generated by induced draft fan will cool fertilizer pellets and take moisture away. In addition, the dust produced during drying and cooling will be collected by cyclone dust collector and dust chamber. In this way, the whole horse manure fertilizer pellets production will not cause air pollution. In order to guarantee uniform size and quality of fertilizer pellets, a rotary screen machine will be arranged after drying machine. The qualified pellets will be sent to packing machine. Meanwhile, too large or small fertilizer pellets will be crushed by SEEC fertilizer crusher and sent back to granulator for secondary granulation.

4. Making Bagged horse manure fertilizer pellets

With the help of fertilizer bagging machine, you can produce bagged horse manure fertilizer. The inner part of bagging machine adopts special material, which is anti-corrosion. The stock bin before packing machine will continuously send fertilizer pellets to packing machine. During packing fertilizer, one person is responsible for prepare opened bags for machine. And the other person will assist sewing device to seal bags. For large scale organic fertilizer production, bag palletizer machine is recommended, which can automatically manage fertilizer bags, which can provide convenience for transportation and storage.


  • If you have higher requirements on final products, you can also adopt fertilizer polishing machine (to make pellets much rounder) and coating machine (to coat other materials on the surface of fertilizer pellets, such as functional strains, etc.)
  • In addition to people who is responsible for composting horse manure, the deeply processing of horse manure compost need 5-6 people.

Why choose SEEC as supplier of machines for horse manure management?

SEEC is an professional supplier of manure to fertilizer machines, and we have 30 years’ production experience in this industry. We can provide you:

  1. Quality and efficient horse manure processing machine: On the one hand, we strictly check the production process of fertilizer making machine, including materials, auxiliary apparatus, performance test and so on. On the other hand, we have professional R&D team, and our machines have been praised by customers at home and abroad.
  2. Detailed and reasonable plans for horse manure management: You just to tell us budget, volume of manure needed to be managed, space for placing equipment and so on. We can recommend production plan, equipment with suitable capacity and reasonable equipment combination.
  3. Factory visit and professional instruction on operation and installation of machines: If it is convenient for you, we can provide factory visit. In this way, you can know the manufacturing process and operation of organic fertilizer making machines. If you purchase our equipment, we can provide you video about how to install and operate machines. If you need on-site instruction, we will designate our engineer to instruct installation and train your workers.

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